Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dany Bahar to invest £800 million into Lotus. THINK ABOUT IT!

Dany Bahar made an appearance on ITV news:

He said that Lotus will invest £800 million in the next ten years.
Investment in Hethel will be dependent on the British government offering financial incentives.
I think Lotus should invest in Hethel. I hope the British Government feels that way.

Obviously, You are revamping the track, and Group Lotus have given Land to the Hethel Engineering Centre.

How about investing in Malaysia?
You are owned by Proton. They have a major shareholder in Petronas. The company adviser is the ex Prime Minister of Malaysia.

As a Malaysian owned entity, I think Dany should also look to Malaysia. Not only at Protons huge excess of manufacturing capacity, which he could potentially utilise, but also at the MUM proposal.

If investment in a circuit and the infrastructure requires Malaysian Government incentives, you have access to all the governmental departments. The company Senior Adviser can present your proposal on behalf of the company.

You are asking your Senior Adviser to protect you from Tony Fernandes and Team Lotus. They are using the arguement that Group Lotus haven't done anything for Malaysia/ ASEAN.


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