Monday, March 26, 2012

DRB-Hicom. Proton, Group Lotus, John Mansfield is available.

I thought I would re submit myself for the Proton/Group Lotus Management reshuffle.
I've looked at Linkedin. There is a corporate template for CV's. and professionals.

Typical opening statement for bog standard professional:-
Proven leader with extensive experience in, Business Operations, Body and Vehicle Engineering, Systems Integration, Strategic Planning, Sales, Personnel Management, Recruitment...
(This opening statement could be written by me about me.)

I don't really fit the template. Firstly I am not bog standard. Is that a bad thing?
Well Group Lotus has lost money for years with corporate types.
Why not try something or someone different?
I have a project that dovetails with both DRB-Hicom and in my opinion, Proton and Group Lotus.
This is a project which has the potential to be both ethical and profitable.

So why not?
I'm not everyone's cup of tea. Good.
My plan is not what Lotus normally do? Very Good.
I don't look like a Greek God. Good.
I'm different. Very Good.

So why?
I have a vision.
I am comfortable being me. Good.
Some people don't like me. Such is life.
The project makes sense. Very Good.

Make me a generous offer. I'm worth it!

John Mansfield soon to be a well paid, creative, ethical, (non manufactured and somewhat different) executive.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Next weekend it is SepangF1. 22-23 March 2012 buy my book... Innocence lost in the ice cream forest

Next weekend is the SepangF1 Formula One race.
Sepang was the venue of choice for my Motorsport university proposal. Johor is now my objective.
Additionally, I have locations in North America and Europe.
Excuse the self promotion. Here is my Bernama TV interview.
This is part of me trying to raise my profile. I want Proton/Lotus to fund this project.

More self promotion. This time for a worthy charity. ROKPA.
My book Innocence lost in the ice cream forest is free to download on Amazon between 22-23 March 2012.
Amazon have put money in a pot. Each free download generates a royalty payment which goes directly to charity.

KDP Select February Results 
We’re pleased to announce that February was yet another strong month for KDP Select: With the $600,000 February fund, authors enrolled in KDP Select have earned $2.01 per borrow.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

DRB-Hicom. Make me a good offer for an executive position. John Mansfield

It has been widely reported in the press that DRB-Hicom  have bought Proton and by default Group Lotus.
They are looking to add people to the Management team of Proton. Should they keep Lotus they will also review their Management team.
I am very keen to make one of those positions mine, as and when the decisions are made.
Presently, I am not an insider. I have not been contacted by anyone at Proton or Lotus about this.
A generous offer would be welcomed.
If they want someone who can make a difference, look no further!

Offer me a position worthy of £100k plus incentive bonuses for future success and we have a deal.
You have my number.
John Mansfield. A (Creative) Winner.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life Purpose? 29/11 cooperation integrity creativity

Recently, I published on this blog, a letter I wrote to myself. It was at the suggestion of a life/executive coach.

Last weekend i saw an interview with Dan Millman author of 'Way of the peaceful warrior'

I've seen the film. It was very good.

He has a website, which has a Life Purpose section: There you can enter your birth date. It give you a set of numbers and an explanation of your Life Purpose. Dan claims it works. He cannot explain why it works!

Here is mine: I'd like to think I can walk this path. The Motorsport University project dovetails with this nicely,as does the Children's book.

Those on the 29/11 life path are here to combine creative energy with higher principles and integrity, finding ways to apply their creativity in service of others, aligned with higher wisdom. Such higher wisdom is revealed by spiritual laws, especially the laws 29/11s are here to live and learn. All 29/11s, along with other double 1s, have tremendous creative potential. But because their primary life purpose represents a kind of mountain to climb, they may not feel as creative as others who aren’t working 1 energy and who have few pressing issues or obstacles in that arena. Some 29/11s are still “stuck” working the 2 or 9 issues that precede the 11, which may block their awareness of the abundant energy available to them. Many 29/11s are extremely creative, but they have trouble handling the energy. Before 29/11s can open the floodgates of their inborn creative potential, they have to find themselves — their center, identity, balance, and boundaries. 29/11s display extraordinary potential; when they face their issues with awareness and commitment, they are among the most creative people on the planet. The energy of 2 entails a form of cooperation with others, and 29/11s are born to support humanity in ways both large and small. Whether businesspeople or healers, construction workers or hairdressers, mail clerks or athletes, they have the potential to bring the spark of creativity to life through their work, their hobbies, or their family life.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Innocence lost in the ice cream forest. Over 100 downloads in first week! (22-25 Feb '12)


Many thanks to everyone who downloaded the new book!
We had over 100 downloads in the first week. Each download generates money for the charity.
If you buy the book you give money to charity. If you download for free you give money to charity.
I intend to give the general public free downloads on the following days in 2012.

  • 22/23 March  22 April  
  • 22/23 May  22/23 June  22 July  
  • 22/23 August  22/23 September  22 October
  • 22/23 November  22/23 December