Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Most discussed Slideshare presentation on Linkedin

This is the most discussed Slideshare presentation on Linkedin today.

It looks good to me. Thanks to Tilo for the graphical assistance!
You might want to checkout my webpage.

I have updated my campus locations to include the USA. Check the Global page on the website.

Here is my older presentation. Feel free to discuss that too!

While your at google John Mansfield under video and see my TV interview!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday time.

Today is my nieces birthday. Congratulations Kate. Mine is on Wednesday the 10th and Siti who is a friend in Malaysia is on the 27th, coincidentally the same day as my brother who is no longer with us.
Today I see an article on the Telegraph website.
It is about the lotus Range extender.
This technology was on show some years ago at the Geneva Motor show.
At present, the downside is that the Emas has a top speed of 60mph, which would mean mixing it with the trucks, but the supercharged version of the engine would address this with a cruising capability of 70-75mph.
I must say I hope the Emas city car can do at tad more than that top end.
At the show the Lotus guy who showed me the engine said that this was the technology that would save Lotus!
This was in Mike Kimberleys time.
I never convinced Mike to support THE MOTORSPORT UNIVERSTY CONCEPT.
Hopefully over time I can convince the new management team.
This concept is really the way forward for Lotus.