Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all!
I have had a very busy end to the year.
Jimmy and Mila visited from Malaysia. We did Bath, Stonehenge and London.

Then off to Leipzig to Tilo's Hochzeit, which was great fun!

Hopefully, Jimmy will annoy the powers that be in Malaysia, and tell them to check out ,my webpage.

This year things will start to move in the right direction.

I'm sure if the people at Proton actually take the time to study the proposal, they will integrate it into their new 5 year plan. It makes sense.

Today, The charity book is free to download.
All the royalty payments go directly to charity.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Lotus Engineering Malaysia closed. I'll stay on track.

I am out of the loop in Group Lotus. Today I heard that Lotus Engineering Malaysia was closed when DRB-Hicom took over. The expats were let go. The Malaysian employees were redeployed.
Some have been there for years and have love interests in Malaysia, others will be working abroad somewhere. A few will be taking a rest and counting their money!
Oh well, life goes on.
Me, I am looking forward to the day that my proposal gets accepted. The expats in Group Lotus were not proactive in helping me get it off the ground, so for me nothing has changed. Without wishing to sound rude, it might be better. No-one saying we can't because...
Here in the UK we are being warned of flooding with travel advisories.
I am expecting Jimmy and Mila tomorrow morning. Jimmy works in Proton Malaysia. I was hoping to take them on a little road trip. Lets see what happens!
Back to my project. None of the people I contact about it are with Group Lotus.
I normally contact Genii or DRB-Hicom/Proton people.
Genii were kind enough to get me in touch with Sir Jackie Stewart.
DRB-Hicom and Proton people tend not to answer their emails!
I have presented at ASLI Asian Strategic Leadership Conference (Automotive)
So everyone knows!
Dr Mahathir Proton and Petronas adviser with me at ASLI 2010
Me with the ex CEO of Proton and the Big boss at SepangF1 circuit.
I gave an overview of the Motorsport University concept. I also introduced and moderated several sessions. Many thanks to ASLI for the opportunity. Particularly Kenanga the conference organiser.
The previous year Alex Yoong was my guest at the conference. Among other things, Alex works for Caterham now. He is something of a celebrity in Malaysia.
So corporate Malaysia knows of my plans.
Ideally, Group Lotus and Lotus F1 would partner, along with Caterham and Petronas.
Getting educational partners will not be difficult. They want to be paid, so funding needs to be provided. I know that is obvious.
Next year, I am hoping for great things.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Barriers to my vision. Christmas is upon us.

Barriers to My Vision

Contract design is a closed shop. Generally when looking for any employment contacts are the best way.

These contacts can either be enablers or Barriers.
None of us like barriers. It's how you deal with them that counts!
Whether it be in the school yard or the office people tend to follow the leader.

I'm a leader. I have a vision. I am more than happy to execute the plan.

Once this ball starts rolling there will be people following it.

I must say that before DRB-Hicom/Petronas sign up for the proposal, they should sit the Senior people in Group Lotus down and ask them if they will work with me. If not why not?
Christmas is upon us! My friend Jimmy and his wife Mila are visiting over Christmas.
In March 2002 Jimmy, Mila and my Dad all went to Redang for a short break.
Redang is a small resort Island off the coast of Malaysia.
They sent me a few pictures.TOP Picture.
Me + unknown blonde + Mila + my dad.
It will be a lot colder in the UK!

I have gone a lot more grey and put on a few pounds since.

Never mind. Life is good, and I'm back in the gym, so slowly I'll lose a few pounds. Not that I'll ever be a slim Jim!

I hope Jimmy and Mila enjoy the UK as much as I enjoyed Malaysia.

As this is a work blog, I suppose I should mention that Jimmy works for Proton. At the time these were taken I was working for Lotus on the Gen 2. On the Gen2 I was a release engineer, later I wrote the draft for the MUM proposal.

Later still the proposal and its author were booted out!

One of the most stupid things Lotus have ever done!

Just so you know. Amazon are doubling the money they put into KDP select. My charity book is available for free download on Christmas day. I would guess that over $2 will go to charity for each download. Spread the word!
To view the story behind the book and access links to Amazon click here


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanks Tilo. No endorsement for MUM. DRB-Hicom sign technology agreement.

I received a very nice letter from Sir Jackie Stewart.
Sir Jackie was heavily involved with Cranfield when I first made this proposal to Lotus as part of my 5 year plan for training.
He wished me luck. However, no endorsement was forthcoming.
You may or may not know that Sir Jackie is an Ambassador for the Lotus F1 team.
The Lotus F1 team is owned GENII and is seperate from Group Lotus/Proton/DRB-Hicom.

Many of the Malaysian papers ran stories on the Petronas DRB-Hicom signing ceremony.
DRB-Hicom/Proton bought the engine technology and intellectual rights to all Petronas developed powertrains.
This picture was run by the Malay Mail.

There are 3 people in this picture whom I have contacted about MUM.
The central figure, Dr Mahathir is adviser to both Petronas and Proton. I have met him personally, albeit only for a moment.

I wrote to him 2 days ago asking him to advise both Petronas and DRB-Hicom to support me in making MUM a reality.
Sadly, no reply as yet.

I'm looking forward to having my old Proton friend Jimmy and his wife visit me in the UK over Christmas. Then a quick trip to Leipzig to wish my Friend Tilo and his new Wife Curtney all the best at their Hochzeit.
Curtney and Tilo are on the left. The hostel Red Palm gave them an unofficial Hochzeit shortly after they got wed.
Very nice people.
I get to wear my shiny green turquoise suit. Turquoise, black and white are to be the theme colours.
Tilo, who once played in Leipzigs top punk band 50/50 (thats what his Mum told me...) is working on an acoustic piece for the occasion. I look forward to hearing it!
Currently, 50/50 have a record company. This I assume will be run from the lead singer's (Sash) home.
I'm only in Leipzig for two days. So I'm not sure if I'll get to see it. Good luck in the venture in any event.
I must say Tilo has been very helpful with my webpage, and any IT problems I have had, and continue to have!
Tilo and his Dad did the cover and graphics for my Charity book.

Tilo has a link to the book on his Media webpage SAMASAMA. All royalty payments go directly to charity. Tilo and his father worked totally for free on this project.
Many thanks to Tilo and Claus for all their help.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Astrology and intuition. Singaporean to build new Johor Circuit!

December has arrived. I am still waiting for MUM to get approval/funding.
As well as the New Proton and Lotus business plan from DRB-Hicom.
It amazes me that a project with so much potential is taking so long to materialise!
Never mind!
Its written in the stars!
Yes! According to my Astrolgy friend Linda, success is just around the corner!
Linda has a radio show in America. She is an Astrologer.
The radio spot was to promote my Charity project.
She did however say the Motorsport project would be a success. She felt that the California campus would be the first to start.
Intuitively, I knew that this would be a great success as soon as I proposed it to Group Lotus years ago.
Sadly, my vision was not shared by my immediate bosses.
Today, is supposedly the biggest online buying day of the year. Please go to Amazon and buy the book. All royalty payments go to charity. The physical book is much better than the download IMO.

I am having guests over from Malaysia for Christmas. I'm enjoying making out an itinerary. If it doesn't snow, I'm hoping to take them to Bath and Stonehenge directly from Heathrow airport.
Then a couple of days in London. A trip to Portobello Market, followed by a Carol concert in the Royal Albert Hall.
Next day a trip to Chelsea FC for a quick Tour.
After that maybe some shopping.
Later in the month I'm off to my friend Tilo's wedding reception in Germany. Tilo helped me with the book graphics and cover, his dad Claus did the art work.

I read today that a Singaporean Peter Lim is going to build a new circuit in Johor, in partnership with the Malaysian Investment arm Khazanah.

Peter Lim is apparently a shareholder in McLaren.
He is a billionaire, and a Motorsport fan.
He could and should adopt my plan.

This will absolutely kill off Johor's other circuit. Pasir Gudang. This circuit is in my plans. It could converted to a great Motorsport University. Then it would survive and prosper.