Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Branding Image and Satire

I just watched a video (Paul Tan site).
On my previous blog, I mentioned Apple as a potential customer Partner of Lotus.

I enjoyed this. I hope you do too...
Seriously, Lotus have been instrumental in the early Tesla development, why not apple?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bertelsmann. Check out their growth strategy. Education.

Reuters have stated that Bertelsmann are now actively and aggresively executing their Educational strategy.
This is reflected on the Bertelsmann site:

Bertelsmann entered the global education business in early 2012, shortly after Thomas Rabe took office as Chairman & CEO. In the context of Bertelsmann’s corporate strategy with its four priorities, building the education business primarily falls under the "expansion of growth businesses.”...

Bertelsmann has defined three specific segments in which the company will advance its educational activities in the years ahead: e-learning, medical education, and services for universities.

I applaud Bertelsmann. Thomas Rabe, their CEO obviously has a viable plan, and the goodwill and support of his organisation . Good for him.

There are obvious parallels between what I would like to do, and Bertelmanns vision.
Medical education would be covered by Sports Medicine, Engineering would be transport based, services for Universities...

As I was involved with Lotus when I initially made my proposal, it was based around their owners and Shareholders Petronas Proton Lotus with a media/IT partner, at that time, Bernama and IBM.

Today, maybe Petronas Proton Lotus Bertelsmann Apple.

Proton and Lotus can supply hardware, Petronas and Bertelsmann have education as core competencies. Apple an IT company are keen to get into Automotive.

Petronas Proton and Lotus know each other. Bertelsmann and Apple would need to be approached by a high level executive team made up of representatives of PetronasF1 and Petronas University, Proton and Proton R3, Lotus Cars and Lotus F1.

I feel this would work. I can't make this happen alone.

A friend recently added Meditation to my Linkedin skillset. This blog presently, is a form of dreaming.

Dreams do come true!
“All men of action are dreamers.” - James Huneker

Friday, February 20, 2015

Today the BBC ran this article - UK online course provider FutureLearn reaches million

The article I am referring to is here BBC
Below is taken from the BBC article.
Mr Nelson says that many parts of the education system could be "transformed by digital".

"We're involved in one of the most exciting parts of society at the moment. Of all the sectors on their digital journey I feel that education has the most benefits to gain from its transition."

When I presented at ASLI (Asian Strategic Leadership Institute). Thats me on the left with Tengku Mahaleel and Dato Mokhzani Mahathir.
One of the aims for my proposal was to achieve a customer base of one million.
I used the example of a Malaysian Institute (Limkokwing) whose founder had stated that as a benchmark for his institute. Star newspaper article
When I was with Lotus in Malaysia, one of the contributing Universities mentioned in the BBC article showed interest in participating with us (Lotus) in such a project. They obviously have moved on.
Good for them!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year and Losar (Tibetan) New year to everyone...

Happy New Year to you all!

Some years ago I celebrated this at a Western (Tibetan) Monastery. I was given the job of giving sustenance to the people who had decided to celebrate by prayer and intermittant fasting.
I have only one picture of my time at Samye Ling.
Previously, I had worked in the Stupa, helping the artist/sculptor. Again my main job was supplying sustenance. Milky tea and biscuits, if I remember correctly.
The mandrel in front of me, later became the structure for a Buddha statue, which now resides on Holy Island.
I have fond memories of the place.

Lotus released their facelifted Evora to the press yesterday.
No new product till 2020...
Daily Telegraph:
Gales now says there won’t be any all-new Lotus models until 2020, but is convinced there’s plenty life left in the ones they have. Guiding him is the guy whose portrait sits above the boardroom table: Lotus founder Colin Chapman.
“A sports car company needs a hook. Our hook is the gentlemen who founded the company, who said simplify and add lightness. It’s so strong.”

Lotus intend to upgrade and add lightness to their existing range.

I found this comment a bit sad.
Daily Telegraph:

He’s also taking cost out. One of Gales’s innovations is to strip down all three models and display each individually-priced part on tables in what he dubs the tear-down room. Parts prices are then questioned and cheaper, ideally lighter, items are sought as long as quality is maintained. “It’s basically never been done before [at Lotus],” he said.

In the 1980's we did this after every programme at Fords. I find it hard to believe that Lotus has never done this before.

On a positive note, The Evora will be appearing in convertible form. I have to assume Lotus had the wherewithal to package protect for this when they initially designed the car.

Perhaps, instead of just contributing to my educational proposal, Lotus might want to participate in some of the Continuous improvement design classes. I hope Proton, the parent company to Lotus do design analysis of their products periodically.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Geneva Motor Show on the horizon. I'll accept an invitation!

The Geneva Motor Show is coming up next month.
Lotus are making an appearance. They are going to display a new version of an existing vehicle (I assume).
Here is an eco version of one of their products they made a few years ago.
Wouldn't it be nice if this made it into production!
It looks like hemp can be used in much the same way as concrete. I assume that it therefore lends itself to 3D printing.
The last time (and only time) I went to the Geneva Motor Show, I was supposed to meet the CEO of Lotus. He was whisked away to Malaysia.
I talked to some of the Lotus representatives. At that time they were developing a new secondary engine for hybrids.
I was assured this is/was the future for Lotus.
All this technology should be shared with students globally. I see a revenue stream here for my proposal.
What do you think?
Here is my old Bernama TV interview. Sepang may or may not be part of this. The general concept remains true.