Sunday, March 31, 2013

Too everyone in a position to help me...

I have just made a quick home video.
It is directed at a few individuals who are influential.
Please make your support for me and my project known!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Professional fundraising video vs Amateur...

Last night I watched
The Business Class with James Caan on CNBC
As this was Easter they played one show after another.
Brewdog a Scottish brewery were on one show.
I found their fundraising interesting. So I googled them on youtube.

They are very professional. I should know!
For comparison, here is my amateur video fundraising for charity...
Innocence lost in the forest is free to download on 1st April 2013.
I much prefer the physical book. However that costs money!!
Each free download historically results in a $2+ donation which goes directly to ROKPA.
Read the story behind the story please click HERE

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vision slowly becoming reality!

The above graphic is taken from my webpage.

I produced the graphic to explain my plan.
At that time I had not identified the Honda test centre as a potential campus.
The above video is a game simulation. The similarity between the hardware and the video graphics is amazing...
There are few real videos on you tube showing the "off road" part of the campus.

Hopefully, soon the vision will start to become reality!

I have every confidence it will.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Detroit Electric showcasing cars in China.

I see Detroit Electric are renting an office in Detroit and are showcasing their new car in China soon.
A Detroit webpage has asked some questions
Where's the factory?
  • When and how can applicants seek the "180 sales and manufacturing-related jobs"?
  • What "major partnership" stake will a larger carmaker have?
  • Will production be at a plant it owns?

  • I found this CNBC interview with Albert lam online. It was some time in 2009. He gives an overview of his business plan. It answers some of this journalists questions.
     I spoke to Albert several years ago in the Hilton, Brickfields Malaysia. It was a neutral venue, where I could converse with him without any outside interruptions (as in all companies, there are some very ambitious individuals working for Lotus).
    Albert as CEO of Lotus engineering at the time. "Show me the revenue stream" was his mantra.
    He did give me a couple of hours of his time, which was good of him.

    I wish Albert well.

    I see a much better revenue stream from my proposal. Obviously, I'm biased.
    Here is a video showing Albert signing the agreement with Proton.

    Monday, March 18, 2013

    Green ideas

     Today, I had a message from Linkedin. It suggested I add Matthias Gelber to my contacts.!
    I shared a stage at ASLI Auto confernece 2010. He is an excellent speaker.

     Matthias is an advocate of Green and sustainable living. Check out the video.
    Bernama, incidentally are the official Malaysian News Agency.
    I decided to look at a few architectural idea for the proposed Desert Motorsport campus.
    The picture above and below suggest a Shading roof is appropriate for desert buildings.

    It would be nice to have something that is functional and blends in with the desert. The nice thing about the shade roof is it could incorporate solar panels, plus I can put modular buildings underneath or even RV's for those clients who want that option. Each unit could be energy independant.

    Just a thought.

    Monday, March 4, 2013

    Lotus not attending the Geneva show.

    Lotus will not be at the Geneva Motor show as far as I know...
    Shame, but as the Management has stated it will be producing new models in the year 2015, it has nothing to show...

    EDAG a design house has a stand. Last time I attended they had a Bentley or a Rolls Royce on their stand. They used it to demonstrate their Engineering input.

    Lotus Engineering could do something similar. Companies like Tesla might even appreciate the publicity.

    My last trip there was at the request of a former Lotus CEO. He never turned up. He was called to a board meeting in Malaysia. Group Lotus are Malaysian owned.

    It was still interesting. Richard Rackham talked me through the low revving range extender engine Lotus had produced for use with electric motors. He felt this technology could be a saviour for Lotus.

    I hope they licence it to some multi national OEM's.

    However, the true game changer for Lotus would undoubtedly, (in my opinion) be the Motorsport University concept. I realise that Lotus are broke, however they could certainly play a part in this.

    Petronas, as a fortune 500 and owner of a Private University famously designed by Foster and partners are heavily involved in Motorsport and may be interested in investing if approached.

    I have visited the campus and presented my ideas. I feel that should a Senior Adviser to DRB-Hicom express his approval for the proposal it might be adopted. Success is never guaranteed. I would be amazed if this didn't work out.
    I feel that Petronas will move on this sooner rather than later.
    DRB-Hicom, owner of Lotus and Proton have their own University and are looking at turnaround business plans. This should dovetail nicely with their globalisation wishes.