Monday, March 4, 2013

Lotus not attending the Geneva show.

Lotus will not be at the Geneva Motor show as far as I know...
Shame, but as the Management has stated it will be producing new models in the year 2015, it has nothing to show...

EDAG a design house has a stand. Last time I attended they had a Bentley or a Rolls Royce on their stand. They used it to demonstrate their Engineering input.

Lotus Engineering could do something similar. Companies like Tesla might even appreciate the publicity.

My last trip there was at the request of a former Lotus CEO. He never turned up. He was called to a board meeting in Malaysia. Group Lotus are Malaysian owned.

It was still interesting. Richard Rackham talked me through the low revving range extender engine Lotus had produced for use with electric motors. He felt this technology could be a saviour for Lotus.

I hope they licence it to some multi national OEM's.

However, the true game changer for Lotus would undoubtedly, (in my opinion) be the Motorsport University concept. I realise that Lotus are broke, however they could certainly play a part in this.

Petronas, as a fortune 500 and owner of a Private University famously designed by Foster and partners are heavily involved in Motorsport and may be interested in investing if approached.

I have visited the campus and presented my ideas. I feel that should a Senior Adviser to DRB-Hicom express his approval for the proposal it might be adopted. Success is never guaranteed. I would be amazed if this didn't work out.
I feel that Petronas will move on this sooner rather than later.
DRB-Hicom, owner of Lotus and Proton have their own University and are looking at turnaround business plans. This should dovetail nicely with their globalisation wishes.

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