Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm getting a free Gym membership at Gym4ll... Thanks Lee!

Today, I was in formed by Lee Ennis, the manager of my local Gym4all gym, that he was going to give me a 6 month free membership!
In the last 6 months I have lost about 3 stones/42pounds/20 kilo
So I am happy. I still want to lose more.
Here is my before photo.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is my business plan still on track?

Well, I do not know the status of my proposed Californian campus...
Never mind.
I looked up a graph of internet users 2000- 2020.
Global broadband access lines, 2000-2020

As you can see the growth of the internet compared to population growth is strong.
This means that a physical campus (plural) combined with virtual learning makes more sense by the day.
Here is another pair of graphs. They are USA based.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

California campus... no longer for sale?

On my webpage, I have suggested several potential Motorsport campuses. In California, I have earmarked the old Honda test centre. It has been up for sale for the past two years.
I checked the CBRE sale site today. It is no longer listed?
Anyone know who bought it? Has Honda changed its mind?
I'd like to know!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fasting, Ramadan, and special people

I had an email from Jimmy (my friend at Proton, Malaysia) wishing me well, and reminding me it is Ramadan. Jimmy is a Muslim.
So Happy Ramadan!
This is their fasting month.
I weighed myself today, and I'm 16stone 12lb. When I last saw Jimmy, I was about 20 stone. So I have dropped about 20 kilo.
127.0 kg = 280 lbs = 20 stone 0 lbs
107.0 kg = 236 lbs = 16 stone 12 lbs

I am determined to lose more.

On a sad note Swami Dee, my friend and sometimes teacher in America has been ill. Her Doctor has said she may be suffering from a degenerative disease.
She asked me to pray for her. She is a lovely person. I'm not great at praying... but I'll say some for Dee.
I contacted a Monastery in Scotland, Samye Ling, asking them to pray for her. They aren't doing prayers at the moment?
So, I am asking a monastery in Tibet (DOLMA LHAKANG) to pray for her. Small donation required.
Dee incidentally, was kind enough to do a foreword for my Charity book.
Sue Williams, also a lovely person, wrote the recommendation. She has MS. She has kept it at bay for decades. Thinking about it, I know some very special people!
Lucky me.
Sue has just released a new book. This is the Penguin promo video.
My sister is visiting next week.  Kath, my sister was head of the junior school, while Sue was head of the senior school.
 So I've known Sue a long time. However, as she is based in Sydney, Australia I don't see her that much!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weight loss... mine!

When I had a visit from Jimmy (Proton employee and friend) at Christmas, he mentioned my weight gain!
Here I am, at about 20stone. I am training in the gym and following a low carb diet. I presently weigh in at about 17 stone. I need to lose a bit more. However, I am looking a lot better.
I saw a film at the weekend called
Last night I bought a juicer! It should arrive in a couple of weeks. I'll give it a go. It would be lovely to drop another two stone in a healthy manner. I actually look athletic when I lose weight. Sorry no topless photo's!
I am doing a combination of aerobic and weight training. My local GYM4ALL has free classes. I go to as many as I can. Its having a beneficial effect.
When I was in America, I was informed a chap called Doug had informed the company he would not work for me because I had put on weight! I have to say, I was bemused by this. However, the manager who told me this thought this was a valid reason for not wishing to work for someone.
In any event, plenty of exercise and good nutrition is good for me, and I enjoy training. So its all positive.
Lotus are aware of my wish to join them in my educational venture. Maybe, I'll stick a suit on and send them a photo. Maybe someone will say, "He looks slim and fit. I'd work for him!"