Friday, August 22, 2014

My thoughts on the new Lotus plan... SUV and Sedan

I read that Proton and Lotus Management have met to discuss the way forward.
The plan may be to design and build an SUV and a Sedan car.
The last time Lotus designed a new car, the Evora, it competed with Porsche. Porsche did not notice any impact on its sales. I assume the R&D plus tooling costs for the Evora have not been effectively amortised in the sales.

So, is this the same thing, design an SUV which competes against Porsche?

The money for all this R&D will probably come from Malaysia. Certainly not from any profit Lotus makes.

So who is paying for this?

The Malaysian Government. Proton will ask for a grant.
Petronas (Malaysian Government owned).

These two bodies will ask... "Whats in this for us?"

Convincing them that this will give long term employment to "Malaysian" engineers and will be highly profitable raising their profile internationally, and locally will be difficult. IMO.

Both DRB Hicom and Petronas have bona fide Universities, as standalone businesses.

Petronas has a large Motorsport budget/prescence... You can see where I am going with this!

If Lotus Styles and designs and new platform or two. Use this R&D work to produce saleable educational modules.

When the business case is made and successfully implemented, produce saleable "Entreprenuer" educational modules.

Package the homologation process into saleable educational modules.

Marketing the products can be modulised and sold as educational products.

I won't go on. I'm sure you can see where I am going.

This would be a Unique selling point.

University students are normally government funded (cheap loans or free) and often spend enough per year of study to pay for a small car.

So if we said a three or four year spend per pupil would equate to a car sale we wouldn't be to far away.

In America, Phoenix University has about 1/2 million students.

If we (yes I want to be part of this) target 1 million clients globally, lets say this would be like selling 250,000 cars per year.

This global exposure would give Lotus/Proton/Petronas a positive exposure.

It is potentially, financially sustainable. It is ethical. However, it requires a little bit of "Outside the box" thinking.

I'm sure the Proton/Lotus board would be more than capable of selling it to "Potential Investors".

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Birthday and Life Purpose.

Todays my birthday.
I got a few cards. I phoned my relative in Ireland who has the same birthday. British Superbikes is about to start on Eurosport...
Life is good.
I am healthy. I am happy.

Professionally, I would love to move the MUM project forward.

As always, I am confident this will happen shortly. In the meantime, I will carry on promoting the project via my webpage, blog and the occasional email.

This time next year, I hope to be heading up a successful and sustainable corporate entity.


As its my birthday. I thought I would share my Life purpose according to renowned Author Dan Millman who wrote 'Way of the peaceful warrior'

Those on the 29/11 life path are here to combine creative energy with higher principles and integrity, finding ways to apply their creativity in service of others, aligned with higher wisdom. Such higher wisdom is revealed by spiritual laws, especially the laws 29/11s are here to live and learn. All 29/11s, along with other double 1s, have tremendous creative potential. But because their primary life purpose represents a kind of mountain to climb, they may not feel as creative as others who aren’t working 1 energy and who have few pressing issues or obstacles in that arena. Some 29/11s are still “stuck” working the 2 or 9 issues that precede the 11, which may block their awareness of the abundant energy available to them. Many 29/11s are extremely creative, but they have trouble handling the energy. Before 29/11s can open the floodgates of their inborn creative potential, they have to find themselves — their center, identity, balance, and boundaries. 29/11s display extraordinary potential; when they face their issues with awareness and commitment, they are among the most creative people on the planet. The energy of 2 entails a form of cooperation with others, and 29/11s are born to support humanity in ways both large and small. Whether businesspeople or healers, construction workers or hairdressers, mail clerks or athletes, they have the potential to bring the spark of creativity to life through their work, their hobbies, or their family life.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Picture Post. CSR Book and educational project latest.

My project has a CSR charity book.
All royalty payments go directly to ROKPA

The initial draft of the book was written in Red Palm hostel. Sofie (originally from Alor Star) and Tilo (Leipzig) were both associated with Red Palm. Here we are in the Pavillion, KL.
Tilo's dad Claus did the illustrations for the book.
Here we are celebrating Tilos wedding to Curtney (in Leipzig).
To read the story behind the story please click Here.

My most recent attempt to get the project off the ground was a letter to the new Chairman of Proton.
Here I am shaking his hand at ASLI Automotive conference in 2010. Tun Mahathir was the Keynote speaker.
I presented my project on stage with his Son, and Tengku Mahaleel.
I am happy to say, I have lost some weight since this photo!
I'm off later, to attend a spin class. My local GYM4ALL gave me a free membership, they were so impressed with my efforts.

I still have the upmost confidence that the MUM project will kick off sooner rather than later.