Friday, February 24, 2012

Self fulfilling prophecy? I certainly hope so!

A few months ago I attended a business conference in Chelmsford.
I spoke to a UK tax man, met a lad with a F1 car simulator and went to a seminar.
The seminar was run by:
The lecture was run by Catherine Doherty.
She gave us a lecture on goal setting and achievement.(I think)
Anyway, at the end of the class we all had to fill out self addressed post cards.

Mine arrived in the post yesterday. This is what I wrote:

Well done.
California Campus approved + financed.
Johor approved and financed.
Europe - Approved and financed
This is better than you could have dreamed of!
Your unique

A self fulfilling prophecy. I certainly hope so!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


This video is about ROKPA.

This is the letter I have sent out.
The book 'Innocence lost in the ice cream forest' is now downloading properly.
Amazon have put a pot of $600,000 up for February for books in their select scheme.
Each free download gets a piece of that pie.
With the $700,000 January fund authors enrolled in KDP Select have earned $1.60 per borrow
The book is free to download till Midnight (Pacific/USA) 23 Feb '12.

The next provisional free download days are:

22/23 March -22 April (BOOKED)
22/23 May - 22/23 June - 22July
22/23 August - 22/23 September - 22 October
22/23 November -22/23 December
You can of course buy the book.
The physical book is in progress. All royalty payments to ROKPA also.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The eBook Innocence lost in the ice cream forest is on Amazon

Here is the letter I sent out: 
John Mansfield here…
I have written a Children’s book for charity.
The book: Innocence lost in the ice cream forest: Available on Amazon.
I have formatted it to work with the Kindle fire.
You can also read it on other devices.
The book is available for download free to Amazon Select customers.
Amazon allow me to give the public free downloads 5 days in every 90.
It is my intention to allow free downloads on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
Wednesday is the beginning of the Tibetan New Year ‘Losar’. It also marks the beginning of Lent.
So free download dates for the 90 days will be:
22 and 23 February: 22 and 23 March: 22 April. (5 Days from 90)
22 and 23 May: 22 and 23 June: 22 July. (5 Days from 90)
I intend to repeat this free download rota for as long as I am enrolled in the Select programme.
All royalty payments go directly to charity:
Free downloads generate royalty payments. You can also buy the book.
A physical book will be available on Amazon in the near future.
Please share this information with as many people as you can. It is all for a very worthy cause.
Thanks very much.
John Mansfield (Author)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cultural and geographical differences. Same old story.

In my career I have worked on several continents. While contracted to GM I was sent to work in Germany on a global project.
One of my jobs was to liaise between the German and American teams.
People have relationships. The German and American side conducted them through email, telephone, video conferences, and some physically flew between locations.
On more than one occasion the Engineers stopped communicating. I would hear stories of how one side thought the other irrelevant, and had stopped answering emails etc.
As you can imagine this was a problem.
I am writing a book for charity. I have skype, email, telephone. It is being written, illustrated and uploaded in 3 different countries.
Deja vu. History appears to be repeating itself!
Different people, different viewpoints. A lot of stop and starts.
In fairness, I have not always got on with people when I have worked in the same office!
This reminds of the GM experience. The car was eventually built. It never sold.

I think this book will eventually be published. I do not know when. Unlike my team members I do believe it will sell. I certainly hope so, as all the royalty payments will go to charity. Rokpa, the charity in question, do a lot of good work globally. A recent initiative being a guest house in Nepal. They run an orphanage, this guest house supplies employment and income for some of the ex street kids.

Good communication is very important. I must make an effort to communicate my thoughts in a manner understood by others. Easier said than done.

The title: Innocence lost in the ice cream forest

This is a Top Gear presentation for a VW advert. Everyone is doing their best. Things aren't moving forward though. A little mirror on life!

Friday, February 10, 2012

ICAM to work with John Moores University. DRB-Hicom are education friendly.

DRB-Hicom Group Lotus new owners officially signed a franchise agreement between their college ICAM and Liverpool UK based University John Moores.
The group takes education seriously. The college is private not state owned. It will soon have University status.
This is taken from the STAR newspaper.

Meanwhile DRB-Hicom, through International College of Automotive (ICAM), yesterday signed an international collaborative agreement with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) to conduct a 2+1 twinning programme for a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering on a franchise basis.
Under the programme, students will complete their initial two years at ICAM before progressing to LJMU in Britain for their final year.
Mohd Khamil said the collaboration was part of a well-planned roadmap that the group had developed to expedite the process of upgrading ICAM to university status.
Pictured (from left):  DRB-Hicom Bhd Group Chief Operating Officer, Datuk Lukman Ibrahim, DRB-Hicom MD Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil, with LJMU Pro Vice-Chancellor Michele Ibbs at a ceremony commemorating the signing of a collaborative agreement between DRB-Hicom's International College of Automotive (ICAM) and LJMU. Picture taken from John Moores webpage.

Obviously, I have been in contact with the powers that be. As a private college it can do a lot more from a global perspective than a state owned college.
Education is referred to as the Golden key in many DRB-Hicom press releases.
I hope they see all the synergies, and exploit them.
Time will tell.
Here is my TV interview. My focus is now Johor, but it is still relevant.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Football leads motorsport follows. Buy my book!

I have been chasing up my book graphic guy. I hope to have the book uploaded in the next week or two.

The book will be available free to download on Amazon select or you can buy it. The physical book will be available on createspace.

All royalty payments for the book will go directly to charity.

Brian Barwick asks 'Why hasn't anyone done this before?' EXACTLY! Click to view video.

Ten Years ago this concept was truly innovative.
Now it should be gaining mainstream acceptance.
Lets see this initiative in Motorsport!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tengku Mahaleel new Proton/Group Lotus Chairman. Good. (I hope!)

TODAY 10 Feb 12 the MD of DRB-Hicom denies this report.
Click here for the Sun Daily report.

"It was never suggested. I don't know where the name (Tengku Mahaleel) came from. It was never from DRB-Hicom," Mohd Khamil told reporters after the signing ceremony between International College of Automotive (ICAM) and Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) here.

Tengku Mahaleel is the new Chairman of Proton. By default that includes Group Lotus.

Here is a picture of me sharing the stage with him at the ASLI Auto conference.

Publicly, he said that many entrepreneurs would be very interested in my proposal.

Maybe, he can now endorse me, and the proposal with DRB-Hicom. My proposal dovetails with the Motorsport profile both Proton and Lotus have promoted in recent years.

I'm sick to death of hearing what Group Lotus can't do. Maybe this will now change.

The last sentence wasn't aimed at the present Group CEO. He hasn't been proactive in supporting this initiative. However, I feel that some people are more interested in themselves and their inner circle of friends than doing the right thing.

MUM is the right thing. I know I'm biased!