Sunday, February 19, 2012

The eBook Innocence lost in the ice cream forest is on Amazon

Here is the letter I sent out: 
John Mansfield here…
I have written a Children’s book for charity.
The book: Innocence lost in the ice cream forest: Available on Amazon.
I have formatted it to work with the Kindle fire.
You can also read it on other devices.
The book is available for download free to Amazon Select customers.
Amazon allow me to give the public free downloads 5 days in every 90.
It is my intention to allow free downloads on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
Wednesday is the beginning of the Tibetan New Year ‘Losar’. It also marks the beginning of Lent.
So free download dates for the 90 days will be:
22 and 23 February: 22 and 23 March: 22 April. (5 Days from 90)
22 and 23 May: 22 and 23 June: 22 July. (5 Days from 90)
I intend to repeat this free download rota for as long as I am enrolled in the Select programme.
All royalty payments go directly to charity:
Free downloads generate royalty payments. You can also buy the book.
A physical book will be available on Amazon in the near future.
Please share this information with as many people as you can. It is all for a very worthy cause.
Thanks very much.
John Mansfield (Author)

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