Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Would Jackie Stewart endorse my proposal?

Recently I wrote about endorsements on Linkedin. Endorsements genuinely made, and publicly made can be invaluable. More of that later.
This month, I have also made a blog entry on when I made a presentation to the former CEO of Lotus Engineering, Albert Lam.
Albert gave me two hours of his time. He was immaculately dressed and very professional and polite.
However, he could not see a revenue stream. He only saw a noble idea.
No endorsement there.
Albert has gone on to get funding for his own project.
Detroit Electric
This company will buy bodies from Proton and add an electric powertrain.
I haven't seen any for sale.
CODA electric cars do a similar thing.
They do have cars for sale.
You can buy one for just under $30,000 USA after government incentives.

GM are showcasing their new all Electric car SPARK
This will cost about $25,000 after government incentives.

Electric vehicles are now being produced by mainstream OEM's.
It will be interesting to see how the small niche manufacturers compete in what is now a main stream marketplace.

When I first proposed training people using Motorsport as a tool, very few academic institutions were doing so. Cranfield were running Motorsport management courses.
That was it (I think)

Now it is common. Google Motorsport course/education etc and you'll get plent of results..

The UK, America and Malaysia have private Universities.

There is obviously demand for Motorsport (and Football) based studies.

Below the picture is a link to a Football based education initiative.

I think I need a White Knight. Someone with a higher profile than me to stand up and say, "You know this initiative makes sense."
The gentlemen on this video are all high profile.Alastair Campbell in particular is a regular on UK TV.
 It says a lot about the proposal.People take notice. TV crews turn up.
It's a shame someone like Jackie Stewart doesn't throw his weight behind MUM.
As I write, I'm looking at a picture of him signing my T shirt at the Belle Isle race in 1996.
Presently he is an Ambassador for GENII owners of Lotus F1.

I wrote a blog entry a couple of years ago:
The UK open University seem to have taken to the virtual World,
like Ducks to water!

Open University claims record iTunes downloads
The article is very interesting:
The global figure for downloads from iTunes U has reached 250 million.
"The way people want to learn is changing," says Open University vice-chancellor, Martin Bean.

The Open University, once parodied for its late-night television shows, is now pioneering the use of the internet to reach its students.
Chart toppers

It began putting material on Apple's iTunes U service in June 2008 - and in two years has had 20 million items downloaded.
"There is a real worldwide hunger for learning," he says.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Group Lotus Under Review. Innocence lost in the ice cream to download.

Today I read in the EDGE online.
DRB seriously considering options on Lotus.
DRB issued a statement saying Lotus is not for sale.

At the EGM DRB were asked why they are selling profitable parts of the company, while keeping Lotus.
Not suprising considering all the money Lotus have lost.

Still, I hope they keep it, and invest more into it. I'm sure that it can be a success.

My MUM proposal would be a game changer.

On a lighter note. The month is coming to an end. My charity book,
Innocence Lost in the ice cream forest is free to download on Amazon, at the beginning of December and again on Christmas day.
Each free download normally pays over $2 to the charity ROKPA.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving. New job opportunity. Italian Job

I hope my Americn friends enjoyed Thanksgiving. One of them Herbie, an old and loyal friend from my GM days spent this week in hospital. I wish him well.
Recently, I was contacted by Matchtech. They have a lead Engineer job in Swindon for Mini.
I told the recruiter I would put it on my blog.
Sounds like good money. Apply. I can handle the competition!

Some years ago, I bought the script to 'The Italian Job' It was an early type written version with a note for the previous buyer, from the script writer. It cost a grand £1000 which went to charity.
This is probably the film most remembered for Mini's flying around Turin, and is iconic in many ways.

I still own the script.

Monday, November 19, 2012

DRB-Hicom formulate the way forward. How about MUM?

Since I have been promoting my Motorsport University idea, I have annoyed many people!
So far unsuccessfully!
I have been in contact with many of the people in this picture.
 Lotus/Proton/DRB-Hicom have the resources to implement the Motorsport University project utilising ICAM
DRB Hicom signing an educational MOU with John Moores Liverpool University and DRB-Hicoms own University ICAM. 
Both Petronas and DRB-Hicom have private Universities. 

DRB-Hicom has enough production cars in it's stable Lotus/Westfield/Proton Satria to cover the car side.
DRB-Hicom and Petronas have Universities under their umbrella.
Buy the Californian campus. Use that to introduce the brands to America.
Malaysia has a potential campus in Johor. Lotus has plenty of space it can utilise in Norfolk.

From a sports point of view perhaps Norwich football club might want to get involved.

LA Galaxy might be open to this as well. Motorsport and football seem open to collabortions.

Chelsea and Sauber have recently joined forces.

Obviously, Caterham could do all this also, adding QPR to the mix.

Check out this video. CLICK HERE
 Not everyone views this kind of thing as nonsense.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Business ideas. Funding and salesmanship.

As you know I have a business idea. I have been promoting it without success for ten years.
An educational establishment. Motorsport based. Aim to serve One Million students globally.
In America the leading virtual Uni Phoenix has about 1/2 million clients.
The 1/2 million figure realistically eqates to 1/4 million full time. People can take modules over a long period.
So one million clients paying £6000 divided by 2 = £3000 spend per year per pupil.
Keeping things very simple. If one has a 10% profit margin.
£300 (10%) x 1,000,000 = £300,000,000 profit.

Keeping things realistic. Lets say an average of £100 profit per student over an academic year.

One million clients/students = £100,000,000 profit per year.

No-one seems to find that interesting.

When I met Albert Lam the then CEO of Lotus Engineering, he did not see a revenue stream. Just a noble idea.
I am obviously a poor salesman.

Albert Lam has started his own initiative.
Buy a new vehicle minus its engine and transmission.
Turn it into an EV.
Sell the vehicle under your own brand.

Another company CODA is doing the same.

I can't see why established  players sell to these guys. I suppose you have no risk.
Give them old bodies. If people buy, do it yourself. Use new EV styled bodies, and enter a tried and tested market.

Anything that has EV in it seems capable of attracting investment.

Maybe, I should call my proposal Green Automotive Studies. I prefer MUM.

The California site can be coverted to a solar farm. We could be electricity self sufficient.

Oh well, when God made time, he made plenty of it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Recruitment and the rat race! Learn from it!

Recently, I attended a day long interview for car sales people.
They had one test. Go into a room and argue what you would take with if you were in a plane crash in the desert.
Sitting in a room full of strangers I was confronted with the corporate version of he who shouts loudest wins.
Interesting. I haven't seen that for a while. Don't miss it either.
Some people refer to it as the rat race.

Survival of the fittest, nice guys come last...(not always true) etc.

I guess its a testerone thing. Racing and competing is something we as a species are into.
Talking of which...
Automotive racing is now being adopted by more and more Universities.

When I worked in Malaysia I lived beside Monash University.

Here is their latest video. I assume this is the Australian campus.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Tengku Djan to race Westfields this weekend

Tengku Djan races a Westfield this weekend.
Prince of Drift webpage

DRB-Hicom (Proton) have an agreement with Westfields owners Potenza.
Djan is head of R3 the Proton motorsport arm.
I think these cars would be great for students. They are kits so you can actually build them.
Race them. Customise them etc.

I have annoyed Djan about MUM for years!

As Proton and Lotus are in terrible shape, perhaps it is time to look at all possible revenue streams.
MUM is a for profit proposal.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween.Blow away the cobwebs.

Recently a friend of mine informed me that he had a booked a trip with his wife to the UK.
Jimmy works for Proton and his wife Mila works for Perodua. They live and work in Malaysia.
Just five minutes walk from my house is a car dealer. Both Proton and Perodua are models are for sale.

They are staying with me over the Christmas period.

I popped in to the showroom. They had a Proton Savvy. It was new and on offer. The Decklid was open. There were cobwebs in the rear luggage area!

It was Halloween yesterday. Maybe they were just trying to tempt some Hollywood type buyers.

I don't have sales figure for Proton products in the UK. I would hazard a guess they are low.

Lotus has sold about 800+ cars this year world wide. About 120 in the UK.

The car side of Lotus and Proton are struggling.

I hope the newly inked agreement with Honda helps with product development.

I recently wrote to the Malaysian Auto Institute and sent them some suggestions for the upcoming National Automotive Policy. They are open to suggestions, and welcomed my input.

I certainly hope they contacted DRB-Hicom and discussed my educational strategy. Obviously, I would love them to implement my MUM strategy.

It will work. Trust me!

Coincidentally, my plan would use the old Honda test track in California as a campus!

In the spirit of Halloween here is my radio interview with my Astrologer friend Linda.
She seems to this that MUM could certainly be a West coast thing.

Additionally, she kindly helped me promote my book:
 Innocence lost in the ice cream forest
Very kind of Linda Many thanks.
All royalty payments go to charity. ROKPA.