Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Group Lotus Under Review. Innocence lost in the ice cream forest.free to download.

Today I read in the EDGE online.
DRB seriously considering options on Lotus.
DRB issued a statement saying Lotus is not for sale.

At the EGM DRB were asked why they are selling profitable parts of the company, while keeping Lotus.
Not suprising considering all the money Lotus have lost.

Still, I hope they keep it, and invest more into it. I'm sure that it can be a success.

My MUM proposal would be a game changer.

On a lighter note. The month is coming to an end. My charity book,
Innocence Lost in the ice cream forest is free to download on Amazon, at the beginning of December and again on Christmas day.
Each free download normally pays over $2 to the charity ROKPA.

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