Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween.Blow away the cobwebs.

Recently a friend of mine informed me that he had a booked a trip with his wife to the UK.
Jimmy works for Proton and his wife Mila works for Perodua. They live and work in Malaysia.
Just five minutes walk from my house is a car dealer. Both Proton and Perodua are models are for sale.

They are staying with me over the Christmas period.

I popped in to the showroom. They had a Proton Savvy. It was new and on offer. The Decklid was open. There were cobwebs in the rear luggage area!

It was Halloween yesterday. Maybe they were just trying to tempt some Hollywood type buyers.

I don't have sales figure for Proton products in the UK. I would hazard a guess they are low.

Lotus has sold about 800+ cars this year world wide. About 120 in the UK.

The car side of Lotus and Proton are struggling.

I hope the newly inked agreement with Honda helps with product development.

I recently wrote to the Malaysian Auto Institute and sent them some suggestions for the upcoming National Automotive Policy. They are open to suggestions, and welcomed my input.

I certainly hope they contacted DRB-Hicom and discussed my educational strategy. Obviously, I would love them to implement my MUM strategy.

It will work. Trust me!

Coincidentally, my plan would use the old Honda test track in California as a campus!

In the spirit of Halloween here is my radio interview with my Astrologer friend Linda.
She seems to this that MUM could certainly be a West coast thing.

Additionally, she kindly helped me promote my book:
 Innocence lost in the ice cream forest
Very kind of Linda Many thanks.
All royalty payments go to charity. ROKPA.


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