Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Business ideas. Funding and salesmanship.

As you know I have a business idea. I have been promoting it without success for ten years.
An educational establishment. Motorsport based. Aim to serve One Million students globally.
In America the leading virtual Uni Phoenix has about 1/2 million clients.
The 1/2 million figure realistically eqates to 1/4 million full time. People can take modules over a long period.
So one million clients paying £6000 divided by 2 = £3000 spend per year per pupil.
Keeping things very simple. If one has a 10% profit margin.
£300 (10%) x 1,000,000 = £300,000,000 profit.

Keeping things realistic. Lets say an average of £100 profit per student over an academic year.

One million clients/students = £100,000,000 profit per year.

No-one seems to find that interesting.

When I met Albert Lam the then CEO of Lotus Engineering, he did not see a revenue stream. Just a noble idea.
I am obviously a poor salesman.

Albert Lam has started his own initiative.
Buy a new vehicle minus its engine and transmission.
Turn it into an EV.
Sell the vehicle under your own brand.

Another company CODA is doing the same.

I can't see why established  players sell to these guys. I suppose you have no risk.
Give them old bodies. If people buy, do it yourself. Use new EV styled bodies, and enter a tried and tested market.

Anything that has EV in it seems capable of attracting investment.

Maybe, I should call my proposal Green Automotive Studies. I prefer MUM.

The California site can be coverted to a solar farm. We could be electricity self sufficient.

Oh well, when God made time, he made plenty of it.

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