Saturday, December 13, 2014

I recently upgraded my computer skills

I recently upgraded my computer skills.
I took a course with a local training facility (
Finally, I managed to get this certificate.
I learned a lot, and enjoyed it.

The vast majority of the learning was delivered online.

We are very fortunate in this country, that our Government actually pays for this training. I have had experience with microsoft programmes. However, this course get me a much better overview.
You can buy online courses for about £125.
They are well thought out. Some microsoft tasks are similar in all programmes... Copy, Delete etc and this is repeated in all modules.
I got a little bored at one point and mixed the course with some other learning material.
The video's by Oliver Leamy, were in my opinion very good.
Plus, for a small fee (£5 per course Excel, Powerpoint, Word) a company called screenlesson, give a good selection of mock exams with videos that show you best practice answer for each question.
This gentleman, Sali Kaceli gives a good overview.

I can't claim to be a microsoft genius, but I did learn a lot and enjoyed.
Very worthwhile.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Would I work with Doctor Mahathir?

As anyone who reads this blog knows. I have been championing an educational based initiative since my time at Lotus Engineering Malaysia.
I believe it has merit (obviously). I however need a large well funded institution to fund and support the proposal.
Lotus are presently owned by the Malaysian consortium DRB Hicom.
They own Proton, who in turn own Lotus.
Dr. Mahathir, the ex Malaysian Prime Minister is the Chairman of Proton and Lotus.

Dr M now chairman of Proton and Group Lotus (Malaymailonline)

Dr. Mahathir is controversial. He appears to embrace controversy, and is not afraid to express his opinion.

Let’s have a ‘white’ PM next, says Dr Mahathir over new MAS boss (
Dr Mahathir’s latest gaffe on Bible burning — Koon Yew Yin(
Dr M lauds Umno for keeping Sedition Act, bemoans silence on controversies (

Now speaking as an individual, I can’t say I would necessarily agree with burning bibles, or any other religious book come to that.
However, unlike Dr. Mahathir I was brought up in the “West”. I associate book burning as a prelude to authoritarian rule, quite possibly followed by World domination for the book burners particular brand of religion and political philosophy.
So would I work with Dr. Mahathir?
Well yes. I have a vision. It is based on a combination of industrial expertise, hardware and academic learning delivered online and in the classroom.
Dr. Mahathir is the chairman of my preferred partner. I would not throw the baby out with the bathwater because of fundamental differences of opinion.
Here is a picture of Dr. Mahathir meeting with Hilary Clinton.
Dr. Mahathir appears to be enjoying her company immensely, I am sure the same would apply to me.

Only time will tell.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Times they are a changing

I recently had a conversation with my friend at a hostel in KL.
Whilst supposedly promoting my pet project in Malaysia, I
stayed at RED PALM a lovely hostel in downtown Kuala Lumpur.
I became more than a guest during this time, and mucked in as and when required!
Redpalm painting shower room
Here I am painting the toilet/shower room
Redpalm tilo being artistic
Tilo, a partner in the hostel being highly artistic
Redpalm painting team
The painting team: Naim, John, Herry, Sofie, Siti, Tilo, Fahan
Life is about the journey. You meet some interesting people along the way. I can honestly say this was the case with my REDPALM experience.
I wish them all the very best.
Talking of KL I read today that Tengku Djan and his Proton R3 team won the Sepang 1000km race today (Sunday).
When I’m not painting hostels, Tengku Djan is one of the people I try to get on board for my MUM proposal.

This Djan driving round Sepang in his R3 Proton earlier this year.
Certainly more glamorous than painting and decorating!

He would definitely be a good ally should he ever decide to support the initiative.