Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Webpage to close.

Just thought I'd mention, my webpage (link to the right as I write...) will be coming down tomorrow. I have decided not to renew.

This project is dear to my heart, however, I cannot justify the renewal fee.
Such is life.
To put things in perspective, I was in Malaysia when 9/11 occurred and was about to present my Training plan to the Local Lotus Management team.
During my time in the Auto industry, I met some very ambitious people who are not necessarily very helpful if they don't see you or your aspirations as being in sync with theirs.
In this instance, I would have to say my personal relationship had broken down with an influential member of the Management team.
I could have come up with a fully funded plan that had huge potential, and he would have been less than helpful.
Since that point I have been trying unsuccessfully to get approval from outside of the organisation. Unsuccessfully.
Weirdly, I have enjoyed the process, and still think this will bear fruit in some form, in the future. Hopefully, I'll be part of that future!
In the meantime life goes on, and I'm enjoying it... nothing wrong with that.

Lastly, on a sad note, I hope that the wounds of 9/11 heal. And for my Muslim friends, Happy Eid.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hyperloop Potential for KL to Singapore High Speed Rail Link

Some years ago I was invited to attend (not present or speak) at an ASLI (Asia Strategic Leadership Institute) conference that dealt with Malaysian infrastructure projects. People presented ideas rail/bus/taxi on how best to improve infrastructure within Malaysia. It was interesting, but... Nothing that was a little outside the box. I like this idea. Obviously, the powers that be have to have the ability to do something others haven't... and risk their reputation should it fail. People often talk about thinking and acting outside the box... few execute.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The End of my Quest

This week I put out my own video for my Project (job interview) it was in place of my cancelled TV appearance!
I can only surmise why Channel 4 did not show the emoov interviews. They filmed more than they needed on purpose.
The other interviewee left the interview room whilst I was waiting, he explained to the receptionists that he had broken down again whilst reading his poem in the interview room... He was obviously aware this was being filmed... He was looking past the receptionists towards a CCTV camera, he was incredibly theatrical.
I actually made up a bad poem which caused some laughter during my interview. It was not intended to be taken seriously, nor was it.
Apart from the political questions, which I can't imagine are typical HR approved, I had a really good interview.
Maybe, I could have answered with a bit more gusto, when asked 'What would I say if I was offered...'
I have to think the previous interviewee may well have been considered not to be a normal (whatever that is) applicant. That was out of my control.

Anyway, back to my own interview. It unlike the Channel 4 programme has received 36 views in 3 days!

Oh well. I have had some feedback. I would like to make a few things clear:

This project is not a driving school. There are many of these already. Lotus runs them, as do others.

I do not have any qualifications that would qualify me to be a University Lecturer. I do not intend to become a teacher.

When I say over a decade ten years, It would be more precise to say 14 years. I first proposed this in 2002.

I have had a lovely time since. However, I am not independently wealthy, and I am looking for work.

My webpage will not be renewed when it comes up for renewal in September.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The TV interview...

Last night I received a call from Label 1 regarding the Channel 4 interview programme I participated in.
The emoov interviews were not going to screened.
I was disappointed.

I would be lying if I said that working in a call centre for an estate agent is a dream job.

However, having the opportunity to appear on free to air TV and raise my profile was something I was hoping to market my self with...

I thought I would share a few thoughts on the Interview process as it happened, as best I can allowing for my memory playing tricks on me. I have left out my answers and most of the chat...

My Interviewer was Russell Quirk a Tory Councillor and Estate Agent, his head of Sales, Lauren was his wing girl.

They were both very friendly, and it did feel more like a chat than an interview.

Being a politician, Russell asked me:
Who I would vote for Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton?
Jeremy Corbyn or David Cameron?
Next, How would I vote on Brexit?

The interview progressed to Estate Agents. Do I feel they are ethical?

How much is the average house price in England/ Basildon. What percentage of the Market did I think the Hybrid (Call Centre based) Estate agents commanded.

Following this we had a practical. I sat on a sofa, Russell pretended he was a client... We had a pretend phone conversation (I didn't do well).

Next Lauren asked if She made an offer of £20,000 per year would I take it...

Next I was handed a piece of paper and asked to do with it whatever I liked...

Lastly, I mentioned that the front desk had said the previous interviewee had done a poem.

I offered them a Corporate poem. They said go ahead...

Here it is (  I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream)
I moov, You moov, we all moov, with emoov...

This caused some amusement. We all shook hands, and wished each other well.

The next day, I had the TV crew around. Lauren said she didn't think I really wanted the job, and wished me well.

I am not sure the political questioning is a normal thing in an interview. The rest was OK.

I know that a lot of Companies are wary of peoples politics. In Malaysia, I worked for Proton, a Bumi Putra company (People of the Land). Peoples race and background were an issue.

In America, at General Motors being a Conservative politically was generally the way to go.

When I was at Fords, on Staff if you were a local Tory Councillor it probably would have been more of a plus than a minus.

But I'm not sure they would grill you in quite the same way as Russell did in an interview situation...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I am hopefully Marketing myself via this TV programme

It is not 100% certain that my interview with emoov will be aired. Channel 4 have yet to make that decision. It will be 2nd August onwards if it is aired. The first in the series airs next Tuesday 9pm (GMT)
Here is the trailer for the series of programmes I may appear in.
I enjoyed the process, I have no control over the post production, and so this could turn out to be good or bad...
Lets see.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Media Trade Show, London

I appear on the opening shot, a small figure on the balcony. I watched the preview of the show. It will not be called the Job Interview, possibly, 'Don't call us'/other when it is aired on Channel 4 next month. I must say it looked contrived. It was... The interviewer collapsed against the door very dramatically at the end. Having sat in on interviews in real life I found this a little bemusing. Anyway, if this gives me some national/international exposure in my quest for a meaningful career move, I'll take it. I hope post editing, I appear employable.

Day 2 MPS web from The Media Production Show on Vimeo.

Friday, June 10, 2016

I am visiting the Media Trade Show today...

I am visiting this today. The label1 prduction team, who produced The Job Interview programme for Channel 4 are doing a preview of the show. I'm curious to see what it looks like, as I participated in one of the 5 programmes... http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/…/c4s-the-int…/5104177.article

Day 1: The Media Production Show from The Media Production Show on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Greenlit: The Job Interview, Channel 4

Greenlit: The Job Interview, Channel 4

I have just said 'Goodbye' to the film crew for this program. They were excellent to work with, all through the process. Sadly, Russell and Lauren of emoov decided I am not going to be joining their team.

They were kind enough to give the opportunity of filming the Interview. I am grateful and wish them all the very best!

I feel sure that this exposure will lead to something far more suited to my skill set.

Overall, I am very positive about this

Friday, April 29, 2016

My Italian Job script will go the the BMW museum

My film script of 'The Italian Job' will be going to the BMW Museum. They have offered to make a charitable donation to ROKPA whom I support through my CSR book project. Innocence lost in the Ice Cream Forest.
Thanks are in order to Joe Saward a Motorsports Journalist that put me in Contact with BMW and several BMW staff (you know who you are...) who enabled the transaction... plus a big thank you to Tracy Cadman who Authenticated the script. BMW understandably don't want a counterfeit script in their Museum!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Proton, the Car Manufacturer in turmoil... Linkedin link for those interested

I saw this video today. Proton, the Malaysian Car Manufacturer and owner of Group Lotus is going through a painful period.

Reminds me of British Leyland. Some of which survives and prospers.

(BMW owners of MINI are looking at putting my Italian job script in their MINI museum)

They are expected to get a foreign partner. Historically this has never materialised.

At least they have a financial lifeline while they implement their plan...

I have added a published post on Linkedin.

The update gives a summary of my OUT OF THE BOX idea regarding a Motorsport centric University, and suggesting Proton and Lotus consider this as part of their turnaround...

Good luck. I have worked in Proton's Shah Alam R&D centre. Tough times for all concerned.

BEHIND THE STORY - Saving Proton by theedgetv

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dr. Mahathir resigns from Proton and Lotus...

Dr. Mahathir (Picture below with me[John Mansfield]) has resigned as Proton and Lotus Chairman

The good Doctor is the former PM of Malaysia. He founded Proton. He has also resigned from other posts.
He is 91. This is not necessarily the reason he has resigned. He has an ongoing issue with the present PM. It has been suggested that this might be the reason for his resignation.

DRB Hicom own Proton and Lotus. They (Proton and Lotus) have a poor Commercial track record. Both need investment. Obviously, they could go under the wing of an established OEM. Historically, this has been attempted, but always failed.

 Normally, the Government gives them (Proton) grants.

In one of his recent post on his Chedet blog, Dr Mahathir accused the Malaysian Government of allowing Proton to go bust...

In Britain, we have a history of subsidised Car Companies (British Leyland).

By resigning Dr Mahathir will make it more likely that DRB Hicom can approach the Government with a viable plan for both Proton and Lotus and come away with a cheque.

In Malaysia this is quite contentious. It was here in Britain. The term 'Lame Duck' comes to mind.

However, having worked in Proton's Shah Alam facility, I have empathy with the workers. I have always had a soft spot for Lotus, and it would benefit both if money were available.

Should the money become available, it would need to produce a sustainable entity. I think Proton has now got to realise that the Government no longer views it as 'Too politically connected to fail' .

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Early Italian Job Film Script available for Charitable donation

Some years ago I bought an early typed script for the film, The Italian Job.
Troy Kennedy Martin Bio
In order to obtain this script I bid in a charity auction. I have never read the whole script! It was an impulse buy.
One fine day, if someone wants to make a verifiable donation of a substantial sum to a recognised respected Charity, I will be happy to pass it on to them... as long as they promise only to sell it on for a sum donated to Charity, and not for personal gain.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Royal Approval needed!

Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) owner Tunku Ismail Ibrahim (TMJ)

The Johor Prince has been busy lately touring European Football teams, and making high level contacts...

 This photo was borrowed (without permission) from the Johor Football Club Facebook Page. I assume as its on Facebook that is OK.


Six months ago, I wrote a blog entry, which made reference to the prince. I never loaded it. It was in the form of a letter...
Here it is... Better late than never!

Sport University–A right Royal idea- Huge revenue stream?
Today I see that the 3rd Son of the Sultan of Johor,Prince Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim has approved (paid for?) an upgrade to Johor circuit. It will have a clean up and polish, plus a museum will be added.

It will cater to grassroots motorsport. I read this on Paul Tan.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, the 1st Son of the Sultan and Crown Prince of Johor a business partner in several ventures with Peter Lim. 

Peter Lim and the Crown Prince are involved in building a new race circuit in Johor.

Among other things, Peter Lim owns Valencia football club, he is also a McLaren shareholder, and the Crown Prince is head of FAM (Football Association Malaysia).

Another Malaysian Prince I know (yes its true) is a race car driver and runs the tuning division of Proton R3 and heads Lotus Cars sales in Malaysia.

His father, is President of the Malaysian Badminton Association in Bukit Jalil, based just outside KL Malaysia. I shared a stage with him at ASLI (Asian Strategic Leadership) Auto conference.

Please spend a few minutes looking at the videos. One features me, giving an overview of using a circuit as a training institute.

The second is an interview with a board member of a Football based University.

I don’t pretend my interview is as well done as the second. BUT the concept is very similar.

In order to create a revenue stream over and above the physical Campuses, I suggested in my original proposal that we add  internet / TV enabled learning.

Using strategic physical campuses, preferably covering Europe, Asia and North (South) America we could in the medium long term target one million students.

Students in the UK pay about £ (sterling) Nine thousand per annum for a University education. This, if it were to be spread across one million students would give you a revenue stream of Nine Thousand Million pounds.

That is a lot of money. I am not saying that nine thousand pounds per client per year is achievable, this is only to illustrate that there is potential for a revenue stream that can outweigh the operating costs.

In order to do a business plan, it might be easier to work backwards.

Lets say that Petronas and Singapore Universities are prepared to enter into this, They can deliver education in English (standard in Singapore) plus Malay and several Asian dialects of China and India.

I would suggest using the New Circuit combined with the old one as physical Campuses in this region. 

Providing they provide Internationally recognised Standards of Education, their Certification could and should be accepted in these nations.

In Europe, I have never spoken to a University in England that would not like to be involved in a venture such as this.

Lotus Cars is based in Norfolk. It has its own FIA approved track, and has a large Enterprise Park next door. Perhaps Norwich Football club might want to Partner (I don’t know).

In mainland Europe, Valencia has a football team owned by the same person who is a shareholder in McLaren (a potential partner) and the new FIA approved Circuit in Johor.

In America Motorsport is popular, not so much F1, but other forms of Motorsport certainly. Lotus has a presence in Michigan.

Maybe, Peter Lim, who also has business ties with some ex Man Utd players might want ask David Beckham if his new American Soccer franchise would like to participate.

 ESPN might want to emulate the BBC and provide the programming.

Lets say I am off in my forecast revenue stream by a factor of ten. We achieve one million students, but they only spend globally an average of £ (sterling) 1 thousand pounds. That only gives us a revenue stream year on year of £ (sterling) One thousand million pounds.

Can we rent/buy physical space in football grounds/circuits pay educational facilities to participate in Government(s) approved courses. In addition would this appeal to ESPN? 


Start up costs?

Me and my idea. Give me the funding and a base contract with Key Performance criteria. And I will be a global facilitator and contact on the project.

I would require enough to set up a team. Initially me. As of this moment I receive nothing. I am hopefully building up some type of sweat equity as I write!

So, as of now I work because I believe passionately in this. Obviously I want this sweat equity to morph into a financial reward.

Just a thought. I am hopefully attending a 4 day course to gain a business plan/setup a business course. The cost of this course run at a local education institute (UK government approved) about £500. That equates to £120 per day per student.

So what do I need to get started. Personally nothing. My outgoings from my (home) office are covered. In order to trade I need buy in.

I need royal buy in. Johor is on my list of places this should begin. I would like Space at one or both places. Cost? If the circuit is interested. Free space… However a huge amount of publicity for your fledgling Circuit.

Cost to furnish a classroom: Nothing if we use the VIP/Press area.

Existing furniture/TV screens etc. should suffice.

 Should it be possible to have a holiday on utility bills for the first year, then our first physical campus could operate on a low overhead till a clientele is established. Thereafter we pick up the utility costs for the second year onwards regardless if the premises are in use for Students or Circuit events. As the classrooms would have dual functionality, for planning purposes time allocation would need to be agreed.

The Circuit could teach for example, Sport Marketing with a focus on Motorsport and Football. Johor has a professional club, with a relationship with Valencia. Let us leverage that relationship.
Cost to the Circuit for access to Marketing material from both Johor and Valencia football clubs to be determined. Naturally, as the Circuit owners have connections with both clubs they may well consider the publicity generated as payment in the initial stages.

Possibly, using the same shared facility model, Johor Football Club could offer the office space reserved for Match day press/VIPs for use in the initial stages at a low to zero rent. Again positive publicity could in the initial stage be seen as payment.

Students could gain work experience at both venues.

As I have experience in Lotus, and Proton. I see their participation at events held at the track as important. Plus if they could open their books to the Education providers, the publicity generated would be in and of itself beneficial.

So lets say Lotus Cars and R3 promote the circuit as participate in events. Sales events can also be held.

Again the costs to be borne by the supplier.

By using this model the University can keep costs down, at least in the first year.

Now for education providers: We form an umbrella organisation.

The Umbrella organisation acts as a gateway to the circuit and negotiates with the providers on fees. This could initially be done using courses and lectures given by PETRONAS/Singapore University/ICAM (DRB-Hicom).

Students/Clients pay upfront. The length and duration of the course must not exceed income. Initially, we require the suppliers to share the risk by preparing the course at their expense. They deliver the approved course, then we pay them.

A company such as ESPN (Astro) might be interested in partnering. They have a global reach. It may be possible to incorporate the making of programmes to be aired internally, using professional alongside students, thereby defraying production costs while giving students high quality exposure to production/editing techniques.
I enjoyed this video from a first adopter of this Entrepreneurial model.

Your Royal stamp of approval would be much appreciated!
John Mansfield

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Chinese Gong xi fa and Tibetan New Year Losar

Different cultures have different New Years... All the best to everyone celebrating this now.
For me this is another opportunity to put my wish for this proposed project to gain traction!

I saw a picture which was Linked to Tengku Djan's facebook.
This is Tengku Djan (Head of Sales and promo for Lotus in Malaysia) with Dr. Mahathir (Chairman of Proton and Lotus).
I was kind of hoping that Dr. M is asking Djan... "So what do you think of that Motorsport Uni proposal? Is John Mansfield OK?"
And of course Djan answers in the positive!

Stranger things have happened!

Once again A Happy New Year to anyone celebrating it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

End of a Financial saga... PM Najib cleared

During my time trying to get my proposal off the ground, I have had the privilege of presenting at ASLI Automotive conference 2010.
It was there I met for a photo op with the ex PM of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir.

He has been very vocal about the present PM of Malaysia. They do not see eye to eye over a personal donation received by PM Najib Razak.

This issue has now officially been resolved...

Why am I referring to this in a non political blog? Because Tun Mahathir is also Chairman of Lotus Cars.

I have always seen Lotus and Proton as potential partners in my proposal.

Whilst I do not expect Tun Mahathir to necessarily agree with the official decision, it is what it is.

When the dust settles, he may want to revisit my proposal.

Once again this is not a political blog, I just felt that this latest development may have an impact on my proposal. I am not judging the rights and wrongs of this.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Well done Jennifer

I normally write about my educational proposal. It is still a dream waiting to happen!

Today, I had a look at Linkedin, they offered me a paid subscription again.
One of my contacts, Jennifer is now a GM Director. She was in Korea for a couple of years, and was I believe instrumental in bringing the new GM Bolt to production. Well done.

I know people who have joined Electric Car start ups. Other than Tesla I don't see how they will compete the large OEM's.

GM first built an all electric vehicle the EV1 while I was working on contract for Saturn (now defunct GM brand). I saw a few driving on the roads. They had some in the Saturn Tech Centre.

They could do about 50 miles on a charge, and were not available for sale only for lease.

I am a little biased, Jennifer is a very nice person. We worked in Troy Michigan and Ruesselsheim Germany together. But, I am sure that this new Electric vehicle will be a success.

If it can really do 200 miles on a charge, and doesn't need a special power point to charge, it will be a winner.

Time will tell.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016. Wish me luck!

Happy New Year to everyone.
Its been a long time since I first proposed a track based training facility in Lotus. My then boss could not see the potential. I was not surprised, however as time has passed it has made more and more sense to me.
This project will require deep pockets to get started, however as we would no longer be first adopters, we can now see how others approach this.
In a recent blog I added a football based University video. They are looking to widen their scope, so theoretically, track based campuses combined with Football based campuses adding online learning into the mix would work.
Just a thought.
Obviously football supports Business and Marketing courses++. Motorsport adds Design,Engineering,plus a plethora of associated subjects.
Here is my old Marketing logo as a visual:
and once again a video from the football University.
Hopefully, people can begin to see what I am trying to do.
Wish me luck!