Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Proton, the Car Manufacturer in turmoil... Linkedin link for those interested

I saw this video today. Proton, the Malaysian Car Manufacturer and owner of Group Lotus is going through a painful period.

Reminds me of British Leyland. Some of which survives and prospers.

(BMW owners of MINI are looking at putting my Italian job script in their MINI museum)

They are expected to get a foreign partner. Historically this has never materialised.

At least they have a financial lifeline while they implement their plan...

I have added a published post on Linkedin.

The update gives a summary of my OUT OF THE BOX idea regarding a Motorsport centric University, and suggesting Proton and Lotus consider this as part of their turnaround...

Good luck. I have worked in Proton's Shah Alam R&D centre. Tough times for all concerned.

BEHIND THE STORY - Saving Proton by theedgetv

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