Monday, August 24, 2009

Virtual information

When I first made my proposal for a training facilty based on a race track, I visited SepangF1. Lotus is Malaysian owned and the then track GM gave me a tour.

It was pointed out to me that they had designed the media centre so that any internet configurations could be retro fitted. False flooring allows one to lay cables with ease. this was in 2002.

On Sunday, I read the Times. It had two aricles, which I found interesting.

The first was about a rapid prototype company which allows you to access designs and make mods. Send them back to them. They then produce the article for you.

Second, I read an article on whether iphones will now replace guidebooks for travellers! Download apps, and you have the info you require!

Both these articles highlight the way technology has enhance the virtual learning/information experience.

I'm sure this technology has many applications. Students can do design from home. Lessons can be downloaded virtually. People can pimp their ride from predesigned parts, modified to their specifications.

The last seven years has seen technology catch up with my initial vision. The possibilties seem endless!

Below are the links to the articles.
Interiors: Design your own homeware online
iPhone versus travel guidebooks

Lotus have not yet appointed a group CEO. I am hoping that he/she will view this project favourably!

I have seen CEO's come and go. None have actually moved forward on the proposal, which I find a little sad.

Proton and Petronas have Motorsport and educational budgets. Malaysian politicians continually talk of making Malaysia an educational hub for the region.

Talking is all well and good. I feel it is time for action.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lotus post £15 million loss. Still no CEO

The Norfolk Evening News 24 today reports that Lotus have posted a £15 million loss for the year.

Lotus currently have no CEO. Mike Kimberley having left in July. I wish them well.

A video of the first Lotus CEO. Colin Chapman

Still no feedback on Motorsport University Malaysia. I know that all interested parties are aware of the project. I have posted The Plan online (google: motorsport university malaysia).
I'm enjoying the British summer (yes honestly!) and can't wait to start annoying the new guy with The Plan...

It's F1 this weekend so I'll be in front of the box.
Once again thanks to everyone who has supported me on the project.
Alex yoong will be busy for ESPN this weekend. Thanks to Alex for your visible support.

Talking of Alex. This video gives an overview of A1GP team Malaysia. Alex introduces the team, among other things.
This was made prior to Tengku Djan coming onboard.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Petronas F1 budget needs a project! MUM to the rescue!

Just thought I would add two videos that are relevant to my proposal.
Proton and Petronas both pour a lot of resources into Motorsport.
The first video shows BMW announcing their retirement from F1.
Petronas are the Premier sponsor of the team. They now have a budget and nothing to spend it on!
If they want a sustainable project look no further than MUM

(Google: Motorsport University Malaysia)

Tengku Djan made a film last year giving an overview of Protons Motorsport involvement. Petronas as I am sure you are aware are a major shareholder in Proton.

It has been a month since Lotus lost Mike Kimberley due to ill health.
May I suggest they ensure that the new man fulfills their heritage by showing a willingness to participate in MUM

I am biased (very), but I would put this willingness as a very high priority on the tick list for new candidates!

Here is a video of Mike discussing Lotus and it's products at a Motor show.

Just a note. The Evora has won an Autocar award
Evora is UK’s Best Driver’s Car

Here is a video from Fifth Gear. A British TV series. They review the Evora.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another birthday!

I am happy to announce that my birthday is on Monday! I am presently in the UK.
All is well.

My Slideshare presentation
continues to get hits (4000+).

Whilst my webpage
is still running. I am sure that it has been made available to many decision makers. They can make up their own minds as to its merits.

I know in my heart of hearts that the project will succeed and be highly successful.
My mind is clear on this.

I'm just waiting patiently for others to make their approval known.
My thanks to Alex Yoong for his visible support for this project.