Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lotus post £15 million loss. Still no CEO

The Norfolk Evening News 24 today reports that Lotus have posted a £15 million loss for the year.

Lotus currently have no CEO. Mike Kimberley having left in July. I wish them well.

A video of the first Lotus CEO. Colin Chapman

Still no feedback on Motorsport University Malaysia. I know that all interested parties are aware of the project. I have posted The Plan online (google: motorsport university malaysia).
I'm enjoying the British summer (yes honestly!) and can't wait to start annoying the new guy with The Plan...

It's F1 this weekend so I'll be in front of the box.
Once again thanks to everyone who has supported me on the project.
Alex yoong will be busy for ESPN this weekend. Thanks to Alex for your visible support.

Talking of Alex. This video gives an overview of A1GP team Malaysia. Alex introduces the team, among other things.
This was made prior to Tengku Djan coming onboard.

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