Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Albert Lam's vision of the future.

I just saw the above video on Bloomberg. It was taken on the Detroit Electric stand in Shanghai.
Albert is the CEO of Detroit Electric.

 Albert Lam was kind enough to give me over an hour of his time when he was in charge of Lotus engineering.

Albert was a good listener, and very polite.

He said 'Show me a revenue stream and I will bring investors.'
Albert, obviously did not see a revenue stream.

Good luck to Albert on this new venture. His business plan makes sense to him.

 I still believe in the Educational venture I put forward. It is more than just a 'Noble idea'. It has the potential to be profitable.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Holy moly. The Clergy are in the happiest profession!

I just read an intersting article on the BBC.
Vicar or publican - which jobs make you happy?

Top five jobs

  • Clergy
  • Chief executive/senior official
  • Agriculture/horticulture proprietor
  • Company secretary
  • Quality assurance
This article asks which professions are the 'Happiest'
They list 274.
First is Clergy - Rabbi Priest Imman Monk Nun etc.
Second was Chief executive!

Having spent time as a resident in a Monastery, I can understand the first listing
However, whilst I have been on the Board of Directors and a Board adviser, I can't claim to have any first hand experience the second most 'Happy' profession.

One day maybe... I like being happy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

DRB Hicom changing management... All's Well That Ends Well.

Firstly, my condolences to the friends and relatives of people on the recent Malaysian Airways flight that disappeared on its way to China. I have a friend who was on the earlier MAS flight to Bejing. It is big news here in the UK.
My day to day life goes on... From a corporate point of view, I am looking at things from a distance. I am not an insider so to speak.
As I am sure you are aware I write this blog about a proposal that uses Motorsport as a lever to teach.
As such I read articles on DRB Hicom as they own Proton and Group Lotus, and have a sales and development agreement with Westfield.
I have seen recent reports that DRB Hicom have recently lost an executive was deputy CEO for Proton. Datuk Lukman is on the left. DRB Hicom also owns it's own private University.

Supposedly, he was hand picked by the Proton Adviser Dr. Mahathir. It was rumoured Dr. M had resigned his adviser role in a huff. This has since been denied.

This article by Paul Tan covers it.

How does this affect my proposal? Well if Dr. Mahathir were to throw his weight behind it, as Adviser to Proton it would obviously enhance my chances of success.

It has been a long time since I suggested this proposal (I was working in Lotus Malaysia) and from day one, I thought this proposal would work. At the time I received little support from my Management. In fact they were so impressed they closed the training dept!

Did this worry me? Not at all. I'm in for the long haul. I ran the London Marathon 20 years ago. I set a target for weight loss and fitness last year, and have hit my targets.

I realised when I proposed this project, it was different from anything Lotus Engineering had done previously. I knew it would be a long bumpy road to approval. It has been!

All's Well That Ends Well - Shakespeare.  The Bard certainly got that right.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Proton looking for RM 3 billion funding (about 1/2 billion pounds)

The Malaysian paper The Star has a couple af articles about Proton asking the Malaysian Government and the Malaysian national oil company Petronas for funding to develop new products.
It makes interesting reading.

I have on many occasions approached both companies Proton (owned by DRB Hicom) and Petronas for help in making my proposal a reality.

Up until now it has not materialised.

I think that now DRB Hicom have publicly stated that they intend to make 'Education' (ICAM) a core business, Petronas already has a fully fledge University under its ownership, and both have multiple Motorsport divisions and in the case of Petronas sponsorship of Mercedes F1 team. the official title of Mercedes is Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team.

Lotus, the car company based in the UK are owned by DRB Hicom. Westfield cars have a development and sales agreement with DRB Hicom. Proton has a Motorsport team R3 and Proton also support an international Rally team.

Whilst Petronas may feel that funding for product development should come directly from the Government, it may be open to an educational partnership based around Motorsports.

Proton (DRB Hicom) obviously talks to Petronas.

How about looking at my proposal? I'm sure both parties would have much to gain!

Both are looking having a global presence. Both are looking to make 'Education' one of their core businesses. Both have Motorsport as part of their businesses.

On a personal note... It would be nice if they could find a position for me in their business plan.