Friday, March 21, 2014

Holy moly. The Clergy are in the happiest profession!

I just read an intersting article on the BBC.
Vicar or publican - which jobs make you happy?

Top five jobs

  • Clergy
  • Chief executive/senior official
  • Agriculture/horticulture proprietor
  • Company secretary
  • Quality assurance
This article asks which professions are the 'Happiest'
They list 274.
First is Clergy - Rabbi Priest Imman Monk Nun etc.
Second was Chief executive!

Having spent time as a resident in a Monastery, I can understand the first listing
However, whilst I have been on the Board of Directors and a Board adviser, I can't claim to have any first hand experience the second most 'Happy' profession.

One day maybe... I like being happy!

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