Friday, May 27, 2011

I have the original Bernama TV interview (John Mansfield) on Youtube.

Tilo, my friend and graphical support person has found the original Bernama TV interview. It is now on Youtube.
The quality is much better than the old version.
Since this interview was shot, I have moved on a little with the concept.
Johor is now the proposed site in Malaysia/Asia.
 Hethel is still the European site.
 California is home to the North American campus.
One million students globally is the target.
 See my open letter to Dr. Mahathir for more details.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hyundai Proving grounds video.

In my open letter to Tun Mahathir, I said we should open up 3 campuses.
One was in California. It is in the same vicinity as the Hyundai facility with similar size. Hyundai spent $50 million to build theirs.
Here is a video of the facility.

Bernama the Malaysian news agency has handed back the TV portion to the Government.
About 5 years ago Bernama TV interviewed me.
Here is that interview. My buddy Tilo has a version of the video that is pristine. I might upload that version shortly.

Obviously since this interview, SepangF1 has been replaced by the Johor circuit.
Lets see what materialises.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Illustrator needed. The BBC do good educational programming.

Last night the BBC showed a very interesting programme:

The BBC make some very good educational products, often in association with the Open University.

This programme featured Team Lotus. Showing F1 applications and their engineering connections.

I have updated my childrens story. It needs an illustrator that can do it justice. Heres the latest version:

The Sensei, a wise and learned woman, addresses her superhero pupils

Superheroes! Are we ready for an adventure?

Yes Mam!

Whitey is lost in the jungle of ice cream cones and chocolate. We must save him!

(Young superheroes sometimes get lost in the forest of ice cream cones on purpose.)

On planet marzipan children had to be very careful not to wander into chocolate lakes, fizzy drink fountains, and most dangerous of all the ice cream cone forest!

This was a dangerous mission… Even the sensei really liked the ice cream and chocolate forest. When she was younger, she too, had got lost in the forest many times.

However, if they wanted Whitey to keep his superpowers they needed to save him and soon.

After 5 days in the forest most superheroes lost their ability to jump large logs and things.

After 10 days they could hardly walk, and their bottoms started to make loud noises!

Each superhero was special. Some could break ice cream cones with one blow.

Others could turn chocolate into broccoli… which is really healthy, and very good for superheroes.

Whitey was only learning to become a superhero and didn’t understand how dangerous the forest of ice cream cones and chocolate could be.

He sat on a chocolate log and ate all the ice cream he could!

Whitey was making the chocolate log creak and his bottom was making funny noises.

Outside the forest Whitey’s superhero family prepared to save him.

Once inside the forest the superheroes had to be focused.

They had to save Whitey from the forest. Luckily the sensei had magic powers.

Sensei would dress Whitey's sisters as princesses.

She could magically turn Whitey into a frog.

Frogs hate chocolate and ice cream.

Frogs love princesses!

So that’s what they did. Whitey croaked for joy when he saw them.

Once out of the forest Whitey was kissed by the sensei and returned to his old self.

“And what” asked the Sensei “have we learned from this?”

“Planet marzipan can be a dangerous place for superheroes.” Replied Whitey “but it’s a very safe place for frogs though!”

The Sensei laughed as only Mummies can. “Moderation in all things, is a lesson we must all learn” she said kindly.

They hugged again. "Time for bed" said Sensei.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Open Letter to Dr. Mahathir

I recently wrote to Dr. Mahathir.
As I did not get any confirmation that he has recrived it, I have published it here.

10th May 2011 update:
I have been in contact with Maznah at the Perdana Institute.
Tun Mahathir has now received this letter
Dear Tun Mahathir,

My name is John Mansfield, The rotund gentleman to the left is me.

Tun, I would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to view my webpage:

And read through some of my blog entries.

I was fortunate enough to work for Lotus in Malaysia some years ago, and presented a simple paper regarding

Motorsport University along side the then CEO of proton Tengku Mahaleel, and Tun's Son Dato Mokhzani at the ASLI Automotive conference.

Tun, as adviser to both Proton and Petronas, you should be made aware that:

1. The UK government is now encouraging private Universities to set up in the UK.

*BPP own the Phoenix University in America. It has about 1/2 Million online students and makes a very healthy profit.

2. Group Lotus are partners in the Hethel Centre.

The Group Lotus Hethel Site has been approved for upgrades. This could include a trackside campus.

3.There is a site for sale that would make a wonderful campus in North America.

4. The Johor FIA approved circuit is for sale.

We set up physical campuses on three continents. Europe (Hethel) Asia (Johor) and North America (California).

Private Universities are accepted in our chosen countries. We add an online element. Target One million students worldwide.

Lets bring Motorsport technology to the world in an ethical, affordable and profitable way.

Thanks for your time.

Should you wish to meet me, I will make myself available.

John Mansfield
(Tun has my contact details, as have the management at Group Lotus.)