Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Open Letter to Dr. Mahathir

I recently wrote to Dr. Mahathir.
As I did not get any confirmation that he has recrived it, I have published it here.

10th May 2011 update:
I have been in contact with Maznah at the Perdana Institute.
Tun Mahathir has now received this letter
Dear Tun Mahathir,

My name is John Mansfield, The rotund gentleman to the left is me.

Tun, I would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to view my webpage:

And read through some of my blog entries.

I was fortunate enough to work for Lotus in Malaysia some years ago, and presented a simple paper regarding

Motorsport University along side the then CEO of proton Tengku Mahaleel, and Tun's Son Dato Mokhzani at the ASLI Automotive conference.

Tun, as adviser to both Proton and Petronas, you should be made aware that:

1. The UK government is now encouraging private Universities to set up in the UK.

*BPP own the Phoenix University in America. It has about 1/2 Million online students and makes a very healthy profit.

2. Group Lotus are partners in the Hethel Centre.

The Group Lotus Hethel Site has been approved for upgrades. This could include a trackside campus.

3.There is a site for sale that would make a wonderful campus in North America.

4. The Johor FIA approved circuit is for sale.

We set up physical campuses on three continents. Europe (Hethel) Asia (Johor) and North America (California).

Private Universities are accepted in our chosen countries. We add an online element. Target One million students worldwide.

Lets bring Motorsport technology to the world in an ethical, affordable and profitable way.

Thanks for your time.

Should you wish to meet me, I will make myself available.

John Mansfield
(Tun has my contact details, as have the management at Group Lotus.)

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