Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Petronas F1 budget needs a project! MUM to the rescue!

Just thought I would add two videos that are relevant to my proposal.
Proton and Petronas both pour a lot of resources into Motorsport.
The first video shows BMW announcing their retirement from F1.
Petronas are the Premier sponsor of the team. They now have a budget and nothing to spend it on!
If they want a sustainable project look no further than MUM

(Google: Motorsport University Malaysia)

Tengku Djan made a film last year giving an overview of Protons Motorsport involvement. Petronas as I am sure you are aware are a major shareholder in Proton.

It has been a month since Lotus lost Mike Kimberley due to ill health.
May I suggest they ensure that the new man fulfills their heritage by showing a willingness to participate in MUM

I am biased (very), but I would put this willingness as a very high priority on the tick list for new candidates!

Here is a video of Mike discussing Lotus and it's products at a Motor show.

Just a note. The Evora has won an Autocar award
Evora is UK’s Best Driver’s Car

Here is a video from Fifth Gear. A British TV series. They review the Evora.

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