Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Well done Jennifer

I normally write about my educational proposal. It is still a dream waiting to happen!

Today, I had a look at Linkedin, they offered me a paid subscription again.
One of my contacts, Jennifer is now a GM Director. She was in Korea for a couple of years, and was I believe instrumental in bringing the new GM Bolt to production. Well done.

I know people who have joined Electric Car start ups. Other than Tesla I don't see how they will compete the large OEM's.

GM first built an all electric vehicle the EV1 while I was working on contract for Saturn (now defunct GM brand). I saw a few driving on the roads. They had some in the Saturn Tech Centre.

They could do about 50 miles on a charge, and were not available for sale only for lease.

I am a little biased, Jennifer is a very nice person. We worked in Troy Michigan and Ruesselsheim Germany together. But, I am sure that this new Electric vehicle will be a success.

If it can really do 200 miles on a charge, and doesn't need a special power point to charge, it will be a winner.

Time will tell.

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