Thursday, July 21, 2016

The End of my Quest

This week I put out my own video for my Project (job interview) it was in place of my cancelled TV appearance!
I can only surmise why Channel 4 did not show the emoov interviews. They filmed more than they needed on purpose.
The other interviewee left the interview room whilst I was waiting, he explained to the receptionists that he had broken down again whilst reading his poem in the interview room... He was obviously aware this was being filmed... He was looking past the receptionists towards a CCTV camera, he was incredibly theatrical.
I actually made up a bad poem which caused some laughter during my interview. It was not intended to be taken seriously, nor was it.
Apart from the political questions, which I can't imagine are typical HR approved, I had a really good interview.
Maybe, I could have answered with a bit more gusto, when asked 'What would I say if I was offered...'
I have to think the previous interviewee may well have been considered not to be a normal (whatever that is) applicant. That was out of my control.

Anyway, back to my own interview. It unlike the Channel 4 programme has received 36 views in 3 days!

Oh well. I have had some feedback. I would like to make a few things clear:

This project is not a driving school. There are many of these already. Lotus runs them, as do others.

I do not have any qualifications that would qualify me to be a University Lecturer. I do not intend to become a teacher.

When I say over a decade ten years, It would be more precise to say 14 years. I first proposed this in 2002.

I have had a lovely time since. However, I am not independently wealthy, and I am looking for work.

My webpage will not be renewed when it comes up for renewal in September.

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