Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The TV interview...

Last night I received a call from Label 1 regarding the Channel 4 interview programme I participated in.
The emoov interviews were not going to screened.
I was disappointed.

I would be lying if I said that working in a call centre for an estate agent is a dream job.

However, having the opportunity to appear on free to air TV and raise my profile was something I was hoping to market my self with...

I thought I would share a few thoughts on the Interview process as it happened, as best I can allowing for my memory playing tricks on me. I have left out my answers and most of the chat...

My Interviewer was Russell Quirk a Tory Councillor and Estate Agent, his head of Sales, Lauren was his wing girl.

They were both very friendly, and it did feel more like a chat than an interview.

Being a politician, Russell asked me:
Who I would vote for Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton?
Jeremy Corbyn or David Cameron?
Next, How would I vote on Brexit?

The interview progressed to Estate Agents. Do I feel they are ethical?

How much is the average house price in England/ Basildon. What percentage of the Market did I think the Hybrid (Call Centre based) Estate agents commanded.

Following this we had a practical. I sat on a sofa, Russell pretended he was a client... We had a pretend phone conversation (I didn't do well).

Next Lauren asked if She made an offer of £20,000 per year would I take it...

Next I was handed a piece of paper and asked to do with it whatever I liked...

Lastly, I mentioned that the front desk had said the previous interviewee had done a poem.

I offered them a Corporate poem. They said go ahead...

Here it is (  I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream)
I moov, You moov, we all moov, with emoov...

This caused some amusement. We all shook hands, and wished each other well.

The next day, I had the TV crew around. Lauren said she didn't think I really wanted the job, and wished me well.

I am not sure the political questioning is a normal thing in an interview. The rest was OK.

I know that a lot of Companies are wary of peoples politics. In Malaysia, I worked for Proton, a Bumi Putra company (People of the Land). Peoples race and background were an issue.

In America, at General Motors being a Conservative politically was generally the way to go.

When I was at Fords, on Staff if you were a local Tory Councillor it probably would have been more of a plus than a minus.

But I'm not sure they would grill you in quite the same way as Russell did in an interview situation...

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