Saturday, December 13, 2014

I recently upgraded my computer skills

I recently upgraded my computer skills.
I took a course with a local training facility (
Finally, I managed to get this certificate.
I learned a lot, and enjoyed it.

The vast majority of the learning was delivered online.

We are very fortunate in this country, that our Government actually pays for this training. I have had experience with microsoft programmes. However, this course get me a much better overview.
You can buy online courses for about £125.
They are well thought out. Some microsoft tasks are similar in all programmes... Copy, Delete etc and this is repeated in all modules.
I got a little bored at one point and mixed the course with some other learning material.
The video's by Oliver Leamy, were in my opinion very good.
Plus, for a small fee (£5 per course Excel, Powerpoint, Word) a company called screenlesson, give a good selection of mock exams with videos that show you best practice answer for each question.
This gentleman, Sali Kaceli gives a good overview.

I can't claim to be a microsoft genius, but I did learn a lot and enjoyed.
Very worthwhile.

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