Monday, November 12, 2012

Recruitment and the rat race! Learn from it!

Recently, I attended a day long interview for car sales people.
They had one test. Go into a room and argue what you would take with if you were in a plane crash in the desert.
Sitting in a room full of strangers I was confronted with the corporate version of he who shouts loudest wins.
Interesting. I haven't seen that for a while. Don't miss it either.
Some people refer to it as the rat race.

Survival of the fittest, nice guys come last...(not always true) etc.

I guess its a testerone thing. Racing and competing is something we as a species are into.
Talking of which...
Automotive racing is now being adopted by more and more Universities.

When I worked in Malaysia I lived beside Monash University.

Here is their latest video. I assume this is the Australian campus.


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