Monday, February 13, 2012

Cultural and geographical differences. Same old story.

In my career I have worked on several continents. While contracted to GM I was sent to work in Germany on a global project.
One of my jobs was to liaise between the German and American teams.
People have relationships. The German and American side conducted them through email, telephone, video conferences, and some physically flew between locations.
On more than one occasion the Engineers stopped communicating. I would hear stories of how one side thought the other irrelevant, and had stopped answering emails etc.
As you can imagine this was a problem.
I am writing a book for charity. I have skype, email, telephone. It is being written, illustrated and uploaded in 3 different countries.
Deja vu. History appears to be repeating itself!
Different people, different viewpoints. A lot of stop and starts.
In fairness, I have not always got on with people when I have worked in the same office!
This reminds of the GM experience. The car was eventually built. It never sold.

I think this book will eventually be published. I do not know when. Unlike my team members I do believe it will sell. I certainly hope so, as all the royalty payments will go to charity. Rokpa, the charity in question, do a lot of good work globally. A recent initiative being a guest house in Nepal. They run an orphanage, this guest house supplies employment and income for some of the ex street kids.

Good communication is very important. I must make an effort to communicate my thoughts in a manner understood by others. Easier said than done.

The title: Innocence lost in the ice cream forest

This is a Top Gear presentation for a VW advert. Everyone is doing their best. Things aren't moving forward though. A little mirror on life!

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