Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Picture Post. CSR Book and educational project latest.

My project has a CSR charity book.
All royalty payments go directly to ROKPA

The initial draft of the book was written in Red Palm hostel. Sofie (originally from Alor Star) and Tilo (Leipzig) were both associated with Red Palm. Here we are in the Pavillion, KL.
Tilo's dad Claus did the illustrations for the book.
Here we are celebrating Tilos wedding to Curtney (in Leipzig).
To read the story behind the story please click Here.

My most recent attempt to get the project off the ground was a letter to the new Chairman of Proton.
Here I am shaking his hand at ASLI Automotive conference in 2010. Tun Mahathir was the Keynote speaker.
I presented my project on stage with his Son, and Tengku Mahaleel.
I am happy to say, I have lost some weight since this photo!
I'm off later, to attend a spin class. My local GYM4ALL gave me a free membership, they were so impressed with my efforts.

I still have the upmost confidence that the MUM project will kick off sooner rather than later.

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