Thursday, July 17, 2014

The importance of King Makers.

CEO's... How do they get their jobs?
Good question!
Contacts, Experience (track record), academic qualifications...

If the position is an academic one, then academic qualifications are very important. I volunteered in a local college, and some of the employees had kept records of all their qualifications since leaving school.

In my experience, Fords as a permanent employee, and a few contract houses servicing General Motors, SEAT (VW), Lotus (Proton), and Mercedes Benz. I have found that all three have a bearing, however, having someone backing you is most important.

You often see teams of Management ( Premier League Managers take their team, Number two, goalkeeeping coach etc) moving together.

I recently wrote a blog about Geely buying Emerald Automotive. Many of the CEO's team have worked with him previously in Lotus/Hawtal Whiting.

This is not unusual. Stick with people you know (and trust). Or sometimes, better the devil you know!

When you look to get funding, a prospective funder will always ask to see the Management team, and its (money making) track record. Obviously, they will also want to look at the business plan!

Me, I have a vision, I know who I want to partner with. Presently, I am a bit of a lone ranger with no funding. I need a backer, with influence, who will trust me to get the right team when the project kicks off.

Any influencial 'King makers' out there who wants to take a risk on me?  I would like to think so. And with the right support, I feel their decision will be vindicated.

Lastly, I have a CSR branch to my plan. Thanks to a few friends and family, I have published a Childrens book. All royalty payments go to charity.

To buy the book and read the story behind the story, please click this link:

Two of my book team, Sue, who's commendation appears on the back cover is fighting an ongoing battle with MS, and Dee my friend and Yoga teacher is slowly recovering from a bad fall. My very best wishes go out to both of them.

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