Monday, July 15, 2013

Weight loss... mine!

When I had a visit from Jimmy (Proton employee and friend) at Christmas, he mentioned my weight gain!
Here I am, at about 20stone. I am training in the gym and following a low carb diet. I presently weigh in at about 17 stone. I need to lose a bit more. However, I am looking a lot better.
I saw a film at the weekend called
Last night I bought a juicer! It should arrive in a couple of weeks. I'll give it a go. It would be lovely to drop another two stone in a healthy manner. I actually look athletic when I lose weight. Sorry no topless photo's!
I am doing a combination of aerobic and weight training. My local GYM4ALL has free classes. I go to as many as I can. Its having a beneficial effect.
When I was in America, I was informed a chap called Doug had informed the company he would not work for me because I had put on weight! I have to say, I was bemused by this. However, the manager who told me this thought this was a valid reason for not wishing to work for someone.
In any event, plenty of exercise and good nutrition is good for me, and I enjoy training. So its all positive.
Lotus are aware of my wish to join them in my educational venture. Maybe, I'll stick a suit on and send them a photo. Maybe someone will say, "He looks slim and fit. I'd work for him!"


  1. John Keep up the weight loss I have been juicing for years Use a champion Juicer

    carrots apples and beets good weight loss starter

    Dee has not been well send her a email and wish her a good one


    1. Thanks Mike... I have already ordered a Breville centrifugal. Champion looks better.
      I have written to Dee. I cc'd you.
      I hope your doing well.