Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lotus... A dead Duck?

I came across an article by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame.

Here is a small excerpt.

So. To recap. Lotus was mismanaged from Day One by an endless succession of owners who didn't know what on Earth to do with it. People who used it as a tax dodge. Enthusiasts. Massive corporations.
All lured into the web by some piece of engineering cleverness in the Fifties. And then all spat out again by the harsh reality that image won't sustain an inferior product for very long.

Lotus is seen as a dead Duck by many. It needs to spend to accumulate. Good money after bad? Not if spent wisely.

I do agree that Lotus is in a time warp. It needs to break out of this. Easily said. We're all experts!

However, I do have a plan...

My charity project Innocence lost in the ice cream forest is free to download on 1-2 July and 1-2 August plus 10th August... My birthday.

A free download generates on average $2 for my designated charity ROKPA. In my opinion the physical book is much, much better, however you must pay for that. All royalty payments go directly to ROKPA.

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