Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unfinished business at Group Lotus.

I have just watched a programme about Giovanni Trapattoni, presently, the manager of the Republic of Ireland football team.
He left Bayern Munich under a cloud, and returned soon after to finish what he called "Unfinished business".
I know how he feels. I left Lotus after some very personal criticism from my immediate manager.
Suffice to say, I want to return, fulfil my proposals, and walk away happy that I have made a positive contribution.
Lotus Engineering Malaysia no longer exists as such, although as Lotus is Malaysian owned, Group Lotus is effectively under Malaysian management.
I enjoy Malaysia. I did not particularly enjoy working for Lotus. However, this is not a problem. Unfinished business is unfinished business!
It is my intention to return, and leave happily after things are on course and the future looks good.
I have just viewed my picture with Jimmy, from Proton. Christmas 2012.
I was weighing in at about 20 stone in this picture. I have lost over two stone. I am now a regular at the local gym. I hope to return to Malaysia Fighting fit!

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