Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Detroit Electric showcasing cars in China.

I see Detroit Electric are renting an office in Detroit and are showcasing their new car in China soon.
A Detroit webpage has asked some questions
Where's the factory?
  • When and how can applicants seek the "180 sales and manufacturing-related jobs"?
  • What "major partnership" stake will a larger carmaker have?
  • Will production be at a plant it owns?

  • I found this CNBC interview with Albert lam online. It was some time in 2009. He gives an overview of his business plan. It answers some of this journalists questions.
     I spoke to Albert several years ago in the Hilton, Brickfields Malaysia. It was a neutral venue, where I could converse with him without any outside interruptions (as in all companies, there are some very ambitious individuals working for Lotus).
    Albert as CEO of Lotus engineering at the time. "Show me the revenue stream" was his mantra.
    He did give me a couple of hours of his time, which was good of him.

    I wish Albert well.

    I see a much better revenue stream from my proposal. Obviously, I'm biased.
    Here is a video showing Albert signing the agreement with Proton.

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