Friday, February 20, 2015

Today the BBC ran this article - UK online course provider FutureLearn reaches million

The article I am referring to is here BBC
Below is taken from the BBC article.
Mr Nelson says that many parts of the education system could be "transformed by digital".

"We're involved in one of the most exciting parts of society at the moment. Of all the sectors on their digital journey I feel that education has the most benefits to gain from its transition."

When I presented at ASLI (Asian Strategic Leadership Institute). Thats me on the left with Tengku Mahaleel and Dato Mokhzani Mahathir.
One of the aims for my proposal was to achieve a customer base of one million.
I used the example of a Malaysian Institute (Limkokwing) whose founder had stated that as a benchmark for his institute. Star newspaper article
When I was with Lotus in Malaysia, one of the contributing Universities mentioned in the BBC article showed interest in participating with us (Lotus) in such a project. They obviously have moved on.
Good for them!

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