Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Barriers to my vision. Christmas is upon us.

Barriers to My Vision

Contract design is a closed shop. Generally when looking for any employment contacts are the best way.

These contacts can either be enablers or Barriers.
None of us like barriers. It's how you deal with them that counts!
Whether it be in the school yard or the office people tend to follow the leader.

I'm a leader. I have a vision. I am more than happy to execute the plan.

Once this ball starts rolling there will be people following it.

I must say that before DRB-Hicom/Petronas sign up for the proposal, they should sit the Senior people in Group Lotus down and ask them if they will work with me. If not why not?
Christmas is upon us! My friend Jimmy and his wife Mila are visiting over Christmas.
In March 2002 Jimmy, Mila and my Dad all went to Redang for a short break.
Redang is a small resort Island off the coast of Malaysia.
They sent me a few pictures.TOP Picture.
Me + unknown blonde + Mila + my dad.
It will be a lot colder in the UK!

I have gone a lot more grey and put on a few pounds since.

Never mind. Life is good, and I'm back in the gym, so slowly I'll lose a few pounds. Not that I'll ever be a slim Jim!

I hope Jimmy and Mila enjoy the UK as much as I enjoyed Malaysia.

As this is a work blog, I suppose I should mention that Jimmy works for Proton. At the time these were taken I was working for Lotus on the Gen 2. On the Gen2 I was a release engineer, later I wrote the draft for the MUM proposal.

Later still the proposal and its author were booted out!

One of the most stupid things Lotus have ever done!

Just so you know. Amazon are doubling the money they put into KDP select. My charity book is available for free download on Christmas day. I would guess that over $2 will go to charity for each download. Spread the word!
To view the story behind the book and access links to Amazon click here


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