Friday, December 21, 2012

Lotus Engineering Malaysia closed. I'll stay on track.

I am out of the loop in Group Lotus. Today I heard that Lotus Engineering Malaysia was closed when DRB-Hicom took over. The expats were let go. The Malaysian employees were redeployed.
Some have been there for years and have love interests in Malaysia, others will be working abroad somewhere. A few will be taking a rest and counting their money!
Oh well, life goes on.
Me, I am looking forward to the day that my proposal gets accepted. The expats in Group Lotus were not proactive in helping me get it off the ground, so for me nothing has changed. Without wishing to sound rude, it might be better. No-one saying we can't because...
Here in the UK we are being warned of flooding with travel advisories.
I am expecting Jimmy and Mila tomorrow morning. Jimmy works in Proton Malaysia. I was hoping to take them on a little road trip. Lets see what happens!
Back to my project. None of the people I contact about it are with Group Lotus.
I normally contact Genii or DRB-Hicom/Proton people.
Genii were kind enough to get me in touch with Sir Jackie Stewart.
DRB-Hicom and Proton people tend not to answer their emails!
I have presented at ASLI Asian Strategic Leadership Conference (Automotive)
So everyone knows!
Dr Mahathir Proton and Petronas adviser with me at ASLI 2010
Me with the ex CEO of Proton and the Big boss at SepangF1 circuit.
I gave an overview of the Motorsport University concept. I also introduced and moderated several sessions. Many thanks to ASLI for the opportunity. Particularly Kenanga the conference organiser.
The previous year Alex Yoong was my guest at the conference. Among other things, Alex works for Caterham now. He is something of a celebrity in Malaysia.
So corporate Malaysia knows of my plans.
Ideally, Group Lotus and Lotus F1 would partner, along with Caterham and Petronas.
Getting educational partners will not be difficult. They want to be paid, so funding needs to be provided. I know that is obvious.
Next year, I am hoping for great things.

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