Monday, March 26, 2012

DRB-Hicom. Proton, Group Lotus, John Mansfield is available.

I thought I would re submit myself for the Proton/Group Lotus Management reshuffle.
I've looked at Linkedin. There is a corporate template for CV's. and professionals.

Typical opening statement for bog standard professional:-
Proven leader with extensive experience in, Business Operations, Body and Vehicle Engineering, Systems Integration, Strategic Planning, Sales, Personnel Management, Recruitment...
(This opening statement could be written by me about me.)

I don't really fit the template. Firstly I am not bog standard. Is that a bad thing?
Well Group Lotus has lost money for years with corporate types.
Why not try something or someone different?
I have a project that dovetails with both DRB-Hicom and in my opinion, Proton and Group Lotus.
This is a project which has the potential to be both ethical and profitable.

So why not?
I'm not everyone's cup of tea. Good.
My plan is not what Lotus normally do? Very Good.
I don't look like a Greek God. Good.
I'm different. Very Good.

So why?
I have a vision.
I am comfortable being me. Good.
Some people don't like me. Such is life.
The project makes sense. Very Good.

Make me a generous offer. I'm worth it!

John Mansfield soon to be a well paid, creative, ethical, (non manufactured and somewhat different) executive.

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