Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Regime Change. The world moves on.

Today, I have just completed a new CRB form. Should I be successful in getting MUM off the ground it will be useful. As a board member of Essex Media Workshop I need one any way.
Criminal Record Checks are a necessary requirement if you deal with vulnerable adults or children.
The world is changing. Libya is big news today. My father worked in Libya for many years. Green Square is normally where Colonel Gadaffi held his public executions, or stonings. Today it is a place of public demonstrations, against the regime.
The world is changing.
I sincerely hope for the better.

No news from any Lotus or Proton people regarding my proposal. Sad to say this is taking forever. I made an early version of this proposal in 2002 whilst working for Kevin Elgood and John Robinson in Bukit Jalil.
Suffice to say I was a little ahead of my time!
However, since then Lotus has undergone several regime changes and the world has moved on.
I am confident they will see the light eventually...

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