Monday, April 18, 2011

Lotus fail on first round Grant bid with UK government. Dany Bahar to present updated proposal?

Sadly Group Lotus Have failed in their first attempt to gain a £27.5million pound grant from the UK Government.
Taken from  The Manufacturer website

Norfolk car manufacturer Lotus has expressed its dismay at missing out on £27.5m worth of funding through the Regional Growth Fund which it would have used to expand its production facilities and invest in R&D.

The second round – for the remaining £950m – is now open for bids and will close on July 1.

I have posted a business plan of sorts which could be tweaked and improved to dovetail into the present Lotus business plan.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Open University Business Plan - March 2011
Then I bet you would get the funding. On an even more positive note, the UK Governemt would also be incentivised to ensure that the educational side of the plan succeeds.

Incidentally. CB Richard Ellis- The company in charge of the sale of the Honda Test facility in California have released a video on the latest round of Regional Growth Funds. Perhaps Dany Bahar might get them involved on a consultancy basis for the next round. They will benefit from Lotus purchasing the California campus.

Group Lotus gave the Hethel Engineering Centre a campus within their campus for the princely sum of £10. The Local government have spent about £8 million on hardware.
I am not sure how successful it has been thus far. An initiative from Group Lotus to up the partnership from an educational standpoint, to allow Motorsport related activities and educational endeavour within their FIA type circuit area may well be looked upon as a welcome addition to the present business plan.

I have no doubt that Lotus can get any and all Educational certification required.

The hardware side would then feed into the online side of education. TV programming could be produced as is now the case with Open University. Online courses could be run etc.

Group Lotus can then buy a North American Campus and  the Johor Circuit in Malaysia.

You then have Europe, Asia, and North America covered from a hardware campus perspective.
Add the virtual campus... and voila!

Go for it Dany. In the short you will get the £27.5 million loan. In the long term you will have the foundation for a long term sustainable business.

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