Tuesday, November 8, 2011

F1 Lotus and Caterham become standalone teams. THEY WILL WORK TOGETHER.

It looks like the two Lotus teams have become their own entities.
Renault is now Lotus. Lotus is now Caterham.
Corporate politics are sadly amusing when viewed from the outside.
Both companies are now owned by Malaysians.
Proton is a Government linked company. It owns Lotus.
Caterham is owned by Tony Fernandes. He has the blessing of Dr. M.
In many ways he could also be described as a Government linked entrepreneur.

Joe Saward, a blogger who I read, has a theory there will be a Group Lotus buyout.
According to Joe this will be Genii lead. They will lead a consortium of Malaysian Government linked Entrepreneurs.
As Proton is a government company the deal must be one that suits the current administration and so the people involved appear to be government-friendly entrepreneurs such as Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar...

Proton have denied this.

In any event it would be nice if any future Educational facility both Caterham and Lotus would be mature enough to work together.

Stranger things have happened.

Motorsport University Malaysia is a misleading title for my proposal. I would like to see physical campuses in Asia America and Europe

9 November 2011. I received an official "Team Lotus" communication.

It states:
Hingham, UK - 9th November 2011

Proton, Group Lotus, 1Malaysia Racing Team and its owner Tony Fernandes are delighted to announce that the legal dispute in the English Courts relating to the "LOTUS" and "TEAM LOTUS" brands has now ended amicably with the parties agreeing settlement terms earlier this month.

The deal also sees a working relationship established between the parties and they will work together on future projects in the automotive field.

I have had a couple of communications (which I haven't yet answered) from Malaysian Educational facilities who are very keen on participating in this.
I know from past experience that several British Universties would also be keen to participate.

Lets see some movement from the Group Lotus and Caterham entities.

I'm ready and waiting.

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