Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Corporate Shenanigans. Dany Bahar and Azman bin Abdullah open a new company

The Lotus soap goes on.
I'm not sure what comment to make on this...

Now, in a further twist, the EDP has learned that Group Lotus boss Dany Bahar was instrumental with another director, Azman Bin Abdullah, in registering a new joint venture, Lotus Youngman, at Companies House on January 13, three days before the sale of Proton was announced.
Lotus last night said Mr Bahar was unavailable to comment as he was heading to the Beijing Motor Show with officials from China Youngman, which imports Lotus cars.
As I write... It looks like Syed Zainal is now Proton MD . I met Syed at an ASLI conference. I was the moderator when he presented his paper. He was very professional. I liked him. He did say he would look at my proposal. As far as I know he has not.
This a video, taken a day or two ago. Syed Zainal is presenting the New Proton Preve. I assume the people he shares the stage with know of Dany Bahar's 'Corporate' status? 

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