Thursday, September 6, 2012

Telegraph Business competition.

I entered the daily Telegraph business competition.
200 words or less. Goals and objectives for the next 12 months...
Here is my entry!
I am the primary person on my project.

Here are my webpages.

I have seen that private Universities operate in Malaysia, USA and recently the UK.

I have a global vision for a Motorsport based University. BPP own Phoenix University in the USA.  In 2010 they had about ½ million clients and a revenue of $5 billion. They had a profit margin of over 10%.

In my first year I would like to purchase a large property in California.

My preferred partner would be DRB-Hicom who own Group Lotus in the UK and a private University ICAM in Malaysia.

Group Lotus are incorporated in the USA Malaysia and the UK.

I would like to offer courses in North America, followed in the midterm by Asia and Europe.

My short term goal would be to set up in California. This would cost $3 million to buy the circuit, a further investment in Classrooms/infrastructure etc . This would probably run into millions…

In one year I would have spent in excess of $10 million.

Short term goal: Set up in California:  Long term goal: One million students worldwide.

Leveraging Motorsport dollars into education makes sense.

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