Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What attracts investors? Reality or perception?

As I am sure you know, I am trying to get funding for my project!
So far nothing!

One of the people who was kind enough to speak to me in his capacity as the then CEO of Lotus Engineering has in recent years started Detroit Electric.

Albert has seen an investment opportunity here, and has convinced others to invest.

These are just some of the headlines I read today.

UQM writes off Coda, piling on doubts of Coda's survival

Questions raised about Tesla's profitable quarter

Fisker lost $557K per electric vehicle sold

  They all relate to electric car start ups. Investors are lining up to invest.

Quite the opposite to my own personal experience!

So why do I persist?

An Astrologer told me too? Well yes Actually!
CLICK HERE to listen to my radio interview with a well known Michigan psychic...

Actually, I continue because I believe. Yes, my gut tells me this will be a huge success. What can I say.

On a more commercial footing, I have seen what can be achieved by others.

Earlier this year I laid out a simple plan.


Read this post. What's not to like?

It's perception. When I worked USA GM facilities they always said "We can't make money with small cars"

Tell that to VW. BMW (mini)...

So it could that I'm just talking to the wrong people!

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