Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update : John Mansfield and the Serenity prayer

This blog is supposed to be about my Motorsport University idea.
However, after many years of trying, I have failed to move it forward. I haven't given up, that's not in my DNA.
I just don't have any project news to share!!
Correction: I have just received a rejection letter from Lotus for the Business manager position I recently applied for...

So I will just let you know, that within my sphere of influence is my personal health, here I have made great strides in the last year.
I weigh in at 15 stone... about five stone less than this time last year.

A change in diet (I keep a food diary) and regular visits to the gym have borne fruit.
This is something I can control.
Getting people to invest in my idea is not so controllable.

This is a prayer often used by 12 step groups. It is used because it makes sense.

I research DRB Hicom /Lotus/Proton via Google most days.
Today, I checked out Skiddmark. This blog occasionally carries news on Lotus.

I came across this video on the site. It relates to Mercedes Benz.
It has broad appeal.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you do too!



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