Friday, January 24, 2014

DRB Hicom to make education a core business

Picture taken from STAR newspaper article:
I nterestingly, the CEO of DRB Hicom, who own Lotus and Proton, with a design/manufacturing agreement with Westfield cars, may be entering education as a "Core" business.
Here is a quote from the article:
Khamil said the education sector is already a huge industry by itself, and this could be the company’s next core business, after it obtained its university status in the next 12 months. The group also received a RM28mil grant from the Public-Private Partnership Unit (UKAS) to set up the college.
This could be a very workable business. DRB Hicom have hardware to make my proposal a reality... It would be very nice if they give me the opportunity to participate in this.

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