Thursday, October 16, 2014


Over the years, I have met and been in contact with several CEO’s regarding my Educational plan.
Whilst none have dismissed the idea out of hand, none have proactively decided to move forward.
Here is an ex CEO of Lotus.
In many respects our starting point is the same. I would have to say Dany is a far better salesman than me!
Dany's recent TOPGEAR interview
TG: What exactly did you see in Lotus? You saw something there deeper even than some of its most partisan fans.
DB: I learned a lot from Ferrari, especially with regards to history. It’s taken 67 years to build what it has. Perhaps I was naïve, but I saw similarities. Being pragmatic, you start with the foundations. Maybe the Lotus heritage is not currently present in people’s minds, but at least you don’t have to create everything from scratch – the history is already there! The 007 Esprit. The Ayrton Senna connection. The JPS cars. Seven F1 world championships… All there. Obviously it was more difficult than I thought, but there was so much wonderful heritage… I thought with the right investment and the right people, we should be able to unlock that potential. Look, I’m ambitious. If we wanted to achieve 100 per cent, I would go for 110.
MUM virtual-hardware-track
Today, in the UK there are many good quality educational facilities offering Motorsport based learning.
  • Bolton Institute,
  • Brooklands College,
  • Cranfield University,
  • East Berkshire College,
  • Farnborough College of Technology,
  • Highbury College,
  • Leeds College of Technology,
  • Loughborough University,
  • Myerscough College,
  • University of Central Lancashire.
  • Northbrook College,
  • Oxford Brookes University,

    Football has similar courses…

  • One appears to be somewhat unique!

    UCFB are a Football based University.
    They have now opened their second Campus. Yes, at Wembley Stadium.
    This Football based educational institution is a mirror of the physical campus aspect of my proposal.

    Here are some of the people backing this institute.
    Brian Barwick Burnley Football University
    Alastair Campbell Burnley Football University

    Here is a picture of me trying to get this project off the ground.
    Bernama TV Interview KL

    Any help from people of real influence would be much appreciated!

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